Transferring data from an old phone

One of the most important things you can do in setting up a new phone is making sure all your data is moved over. This process seems more intimidating then it actually is. Below are the steps for the most common ways for getting all your data, contacts, pictures, and videos on your new device, safe and sound.


To start, make sure you're connected to wifi.


New iPhone

Apple has made a handy app for people that are going from Android to iPhones for the first time. Read all about it here.

You can also follow along with the video below.

If you're going to an old iPhone to a new iPhone, simply select Restore from iCloud or iTunes backup during initial setup.



New Android Phone

If it's not an iPhone, it's probably Android. Switching on to Android is easy using a Google Backup. We've made a simple-to-follow video for that too!

Setting up a new Android phone from an old one can be done using a Google Backup as well.



Via SD Card 

To save the contacts on the old phone

  1. Tap Contacts
  2. Tap the menu button
  3. Tap Import/Export
  4. Tap Export to device storage
  5. Then remove the SD card and put it into the new phone

To transfer the contacts to the new phone

  1. Insert SD card into the new phone
  2. Tap contacts
  3. Tap the menu button
  4. Tap Import/Export
  5. Tap Import from device storage

Note: Depending on the version of operating system you are running the steps may say Device Storage instead of SD Card.

iCloud Backup (iPhone to iPhone)

  1. Open the settings of your old iPhone
  2. Tap on your name then tap iCloud
  3. Tap iCloud backup
  4. Tap Backup now
  5. Sync the new phone with that backup.

Via Bluetooth (contacts only)

  1. Enable Bluetooth on both devices. Make sure the old device is visible to all devices
  2. On the new device Scan for available devices.
  3. Select the old phone to pair with it (if successfully paired, the old phone will appear in the Bluetooth menu of the new phone)
  4. Open the contacts on the old phone
  5. Press the menu button in the upper right corner and select Share
  6. Select the contacts that you want to chare
  7. Tap on Share in the upper right corner
  8. Select the option to share as vCard file (VCF)
  9. Select the Bluetooth logo on the next menu screen that pops up
  10. Select the new phone from the list of devices
  11. Accept the incoming file on the new phone 
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