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WiFi Calling and Voice over LTE


Last updated by Rod McRae

Phones are now coming equipped with a feature called Voice over LTE or VoLTE for short. This feature uses the LTE signal to send and receive calls, whereas before this feature, calls would use the 3G signal. 

  The benefits of this feature are

  • Improved call clarity
  • Being able to use data while on a call
  • Place and connect a call faster

Another major benefit of using VoLTE is that a call will not drop if you disconnect from a Wi-Fi signal should you have Wi-Fi Calling enabled. In the past, when you started a call on a Wi-Fi network, the call would drop when you left the range of that Wi-Fi network. Now, because the call would be using the data signal of Wi-Fi to place the call, VoLTE offers the ability to utilize the data signal of the cell network to continue the call.

Please note: This feature is only available on the GSM network at this time. Furthermore, the use of this feature depends on whether or not your device supports this feature. Not all phones are able to use VoLTE (sometimes called HD Voice). For more information on which devices are compatible, you can check question ten in this article.

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  • Avatar
    Paul Pascuzzi

    When do you plan on adding cdma wifi calling? The sprint network had it. Without it using the cell phone at my home is a hit or miss thing

  • Avatar
    Mitch Surprenant


    Hopefully we can get Wi-Fi Calling on the CDMA side later this year, but nothing set in stone yet. Rest assured that we've heard you and we're working on it.

  • Avatar
    Brian Dall

    Can't Ting negotiate a better price on wifi calls from T-MOBILE since if we use it, we put less usage on their towers?

  • Avatar
    Mitch Surprenant

    Hey Brian,

    We work very hard with our network partners to negotiate a price that works for everyone. A cell phone network isn't just a tower, as there's still a ton of stuff behind the scenes, including server farms to route WiFi calls, people to maintain those servers and other bits and bobs that are needed to make it all "just work".

    Rest assured that if we can negotiate a better rate for anything, we're doing it. Our VP of Marketing commented publicly on this very subject here:

  • Avatar
    Daniel Rudin

    Hi, Can I call or text from a ZTE Trek 2 8" tablet? As of now when I open the phone icon it simply goes to an AT&T window.

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