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When to send out new SIM Cards


Last updated by Rod McRae

In the course of troubleshooting, we may come to a point where the issue may be the device, the network, or the SIM card. Spoiler Alert: It is very rarely the SIM card. 

Replacing the SIM card should not be your first choice when it comes to resolving an issue. Our goal is to fix the problem for a customer as quickly as we can. We do not want to prolong an issue for a customer by making them wait an extra three days for the card to arrive. Or even worse, make them wait those days for the card to arrive, only to find out that it didn't solve the problem. It wastes the customers time and Ting resources.

That isn't to say that there aren't times when a SIM card is needed. When the card fails in multiple devices or is damaged, these are perfect examples of times when a new SIM would be required.  However, cases like that are few and far between and you should pursue other avenues before sending out a SIM card. If you are unsure of what else to try, reach out to your co-workers in open chat, or engage our Network Partners.

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