For sending messages, iPhones come with a handy little program call iMessage. This program uses the data connection of the phone to send messages. 

A number of benefits of this feature ar that it can send messages faster, send them over Wi-Fi, and can handle larger file sizes. When compared to other standard Short Message Service apps (SMS for short....or regular text messages), iMessage is a more convenient option. However, these benefits only apply when you are sending messages between iPhones. 

Because non-iPhones tend to use standard SMS apps, there are some issues that can arise when messages are sent between the two platforms. To address that, and to answer other questions , we have put together a short iMessage FAQ


1. Why do my messages only come through when I connect to wifi?

Because the iMessage program is built to use data, its messages are only sent out using a data signal. To have your iMessage automatically converted to SMS, make sure that you have that option enabled in the settings of your iPhone.

  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Messages
  • Slide the button to ON for Send as SMS


2. How do I know if I am sending as an SMS or iMessage?

Sent iMessages will show as blue in the message thread.


Sent SMS messages will show as green in the message thread.



3. I'm trying to send a picture message to a non-iPhone and it fails. What is going on?

If you are on our CDMA network, please make sure you have the option for "Can send/receive pictures, videos and group messages" is enabled in the Device Settings page of your account. For GSM customers using iOS 9 or earlier, please make sure that you have your iOS APN settings set correctly. iOS devices using 10 and up will automatically pull those settings from the network during activation.


4. I just switched from iPhone to Android, and all my messages are still going to my old phone. Did I make a huge mistake?

Well, devoted Apple fans will say you did, but you haven't really. Because of the way iMessage is built, other iPhones will try to send messages to the phone number that iMessage has on record for you.

Other symptoms of this include;

  • Not receiving messages from friends with iPhones
  • Not being able to send messages to people with non-Apple devices

To cure all of these ills, you will need to remove your number from iMessage by deregistering.

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