How to move a GSM number and update the device from your Ting account

So you have a new GSM device and are looking to move your Ting GSM number to it. The following steps will help you get your new GSM device up and running with Ting and ensure the account is updated to reflect that your device has changed.

**Please note that moving a number from one Ting GSM SIM to another Ting GSM SIM would require assistance. To move a phone number please get in touch with support**

Step 1 - Physically move the active SIM 

Since you already have an active SIM card, it holds the phone number

  • Remove the active SIM from the device you will no longer be using 
  • The Ting GSM SIM is adjustable so if SIM slot is a different size for the new phone you can add or remove the framing that came with the SIM.  


You can see on our most recent SIM below the different sizes are color coded to make life easy, Pink for Standard, Black for Micro, and White for Nano. Please keep the framing even if your phone uses the smaller size as moving to a phone that takes the larger size will require the outer-coating or you will need a new SIM card.  


Step 2 - Check the Connectivity of the New Phone

Once we insert the SIM and power on we want to ensure the device connects to talk/text

  • Power on the device and check the signal status/strength...If you get a message such as "SIM not supported" or " SIM locked" the phone may be locked to the previous carrier still
  • Once the phone appears to be showing a signal, try a test call to ensure it connects to the network, if successful we have moved the number over

 Step 3 - Update the Device/IMEI in the Ting account

The account will still show the old IMEI/device until we update it 

With the number now working with the new device we can go ahead and update the account from device settings, first by choosing the nickname/phone number we are updating by clicking on it or on the pencil icon below edit


Once you have selected the device, we can then click on the refresh icon in Details that will appear just next to the device.  In this example we will be upgrading iPhone models from 3GS to 6s.


The info is whited out there, but you would also see the IMEI etc. Once we click that refresh icon as shown above the SIM card will update which device it is in using the IMEI, which will then update your account to show the correct device.


Step 4 - Add the APNs on the device for Data/MMS

If your new phone gets 3G or LTE data we want to take advantage of that by adding these settings

Android APNs set up guide

iOS APNs - iOS 9 or earlier

iOS 10 and up - how to update APNs/Carrier settings

Once the APNs are set up the device should have full access to the data bands and services it is compatible with and be ready for use, the old phone will be listed on your account as inactive automatically.  If you do need help do not hesitate to get in touch

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