Customizing your Ting service - How to set up your device features

At Ting, we believe in providing the freedom to only pay for what you use, and part of that is allowing features that you don't want or need to be disabled to avoid any charges. This guide is to cover how to make changes to your device features from the account and take advantage of that freedom.

You will have the ability to customize:

  • Cellular data access on/off
  • Making/receiving phone calls on/off
  • Sending/receiving text messages on/off

 Additionally, depending on the network your device is using, you can customize settings for:

How to toggle features from your Ting account

  1. Sign into your Ting account and proceed to device settings


  2. Find the device we would like to edit, and click on the pencil/edit icon or the nickname.


  3. Find the feature you want to edit and click the appropriate pencil/edit icon above it to open up a drop-down menu. 


  4. Click the toggle beside the feature(s) you wish to enable or disable and click save to apply your changes.


  5. Verify the change was saved by checking whether the change is reflected in your Minutes, Messaging, or Megabytes section. 


That's it! Your change has been made and you are good to go. In some cases, there will be additional steps to take so you can verify via the guides linked above if you would like to confirm.


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