Updating your address with Ting

This guide is to help cover how we use the address information stored in your Ting account and how moving could impact you. We use two types of addresses on your account, the billing address and the service address, and each is responsible for different aspects of your account.

Of course, if you're moving or even traveling the first thing we would suggest is checking the coverage at the new address. Here is a link to check the coverage for the GSM or CDMA network with Ting.

Your Ting billing address

The information we have on your Ting account for the billing address will largely determine the rate of tax that is applied to your monthly bills. We have a comprehensive guide to updating that information if you do need to update your billing address with Ting. If you receive an error when trying to add the card please get in touch. It is important to keep this information up to date as issues can arise when collecting the monthly bills or processing orders if the billing address we have on file does not match what your bank has on file.



Your Ting service address

Your service address with Ting is something you can change with every activation that takes place on your account. We use it to ensure you have coverage when proceeding with activation and to provide a list of the available area codes at the specified address when you are first activating a phone or SIM card.


Your service address is only set when activating a new number so we are not able to change it. If you are moving, we may have some options to help you, but we have no control over what specific number is assigned. We can help assign a specific number only if we port it in from another carrier, or it is on another device on your account and changing networks:

So while we can't help you cycle through numbers until you get one you like, we can go over the options on both networks to try and help out. Please keep in mind that we also bill $6 per active phone number, so if you go in your account to deactivate and reactivate a phone on your own to change the number there may be additional device fees.


Options for changing your CDMA number

On the CDMA network, the number is assigned in such a way that we have flexibility as far as being able to change it for you. Please get in touch to make the request, and we will do our best to assist you. We will take any other requests into consideration, but please understand that while we will try our best to get you a specific area code, in some cases it is simply not possible due to availability or geography. Once we assign the new number, your device will need to run activation once more to reconnect to the network with the new number.


Options for changing your GSM number

Due to the nature of Ting GSM SIMs, they are only able to activate once. While you can deactivate and reactivate a CDMA phone to get a new number, we would need your GSM SIM to remain active in order to change the number. If you are moving, please get in touch, and we can go over the options for changing that number for you. 

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