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Visual Voicemail


Last updated by Giselle Russell

What is visual voicemail?

Visual voicemail is a random-access voicemail with a visual interface. Such an interface presents a list of messages for playback. This means you can listen to whatever message you want and you do not have to listen to the messages in order.


Visual voicemail for iPhone:

  1. Go to the Phone app, then tap the Voicemail tab. 
  2. Tap Set Up Now.
  3. Create a voicemail password, then tap Done.
  4. Enter your password again to confirm it, then tap Done. 
  5. Select Custom or Default. If you choose Custom, you can record a new greeting


6.Tap Done to save your greeting.


Transfer your existing Voicemail

To transfer your existing voicemail, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Phone app, then tap the Voicemail tab.
  2. Tap Set Up Now.
  3. Enter your password,* then tap done. 
  4. Record a custom greeting or use the default greeting, then tap Save.

If you forget your voicemail password, there's no way to reset it from your iPhone. You need to contact customer support to reset your password.

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  • Avatar
    D D

    For the sake of non-iPhone users, please title this article "Visual Voicemail - GSM iPhones" and refer to the device in the intro paragraph as an iPhone. It's not clear until the very last paragraph that none of the instructions apply to any other OS. (iPhone illustrations are routinely used to represent all smartphones for some reason, so their presence isn't a useful clue.)

  • Avatar
    R. Bryce Wong

    Hi DD,

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll message one of our team members and get the title to reflect properly.

  • Avatar
    Stephen Gregory

    Can you recommend a similar visual voicemail app for Android (Moto E4) on CDMA network?

  • Avatar
    R. Bryce Wong

    Hi Stephen,

    Have you tried the YouMail app? I asked around the office here and that was the one that people liked the most.

  • Avatar
    mike sabol

    Hello. I have a 5S running ios 11 and Ting Carrier 29.0 but I am not given the choice to "set up now". The only thing I see is "dial voicemail", although the screen has changed. Is visual voicemail not supported on the iPhone 5S?

  • Avatar
    R. Bryce Wong

    Hi Mike,

    It should be an option on iPhone 5S. We may have to do some troubleshooting with you to find out what the issue is. If you reach out to one of our advisors they will be able to bring up your account and give a hand.

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