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Purchase a Device & Finance with Affirm


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Ting has begun a partnership with Affirm, which will allow our customers to take advantage of device financing for a selection of devices in the Ting shop. This is a fantastic new addition for our users to purchase phones without paying full price up front. 

This guide will show how to place the order and choose to finance the device as well as show the flow for the Affirm process which is to be completed once the order is confirmed.

**The financing agreement is exclusively between you and Affirm, and because of this, we can not process orders for you that would be financed. We can help walk you through the process if you get in touch but can not place the order for you**

There is also a wealth of information available directly from Affirm if you would like to do some research before entering into the Financing agreement.

Affirm - See how it works

Affirm - FAQs

Affirm - About

Should you have any questions or concerns Affirm can also be contacted with any specific queries at or by phone at 855-423-3729.

Order Process with Ting - How to Select Financing 

1. Go to and click on Shop.

2. Click on View Details for a Device that offers Financing from the Shop, only devices that can be financed will have this option



3. Click on Buy Now - You will see the lowest possible rate offered here, listed as "as low as..." Please note that Affirm will then offer a rate once the soft credit check is performed.  


**You can also view more information on the Affirm program here -  Click on the "?" next to "OR AS LOW AS $XX/MO with Affirm" and it will provide some details on the possible rates and terms for the financing**


4. If you're creating Ting credentials, enter your basic account information in the form that appears. The e-mail address you enter here is how we’ll communicate with you for billing, so make sure it’s a valid one that you check regularly. Your password will need to be at least 10 characters long. When you've got that all filled out, click Sign up.  If you already have an account simply click "Sign in Instead" and log in the account using the email address and password or Amazon log-in information


5. Enter your service address (generally this is your home address or where the service will mostly be used for this phone) and click Next step.


 6. Review your address 
when prompted, correct it if necessary, and click Confirm.

7. Enter your Billing Info - **This is where we choose to finance the purchase with Affirm** - If you are in an existing account you will need to click on the pencil/edit icon to switch from the card on file/Amazon billing to Affirm for the purchase.

8. Your shipping address information may be auto-populated with what you've entered prior. You can change this if you'd like your phone to ship somewhere else, this is also where you choose your shipping method.


9. Now you can confirm all of your order details. If any of the information on this confirmation page is incorrect, click on the corresponding link above and re-enter that information; then click on Confirmation again so you can see what your order details are. Once you're sure they're all correct, click on Complete purchase.

This Completes the Ting order process. Next, you will begin the Affirm process for financing the purchase.

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Affirm Financing Process - After Ting Order placed

1. Once you have confirmed the purchase order and clicked the complete purchase, you will be brought to the Affirm pop-up to enter the required/requested information for the soft credit check. Once you have filled out the required information, click Create Account.


2.  Affirm is then going to text you a verification PIN at the phone number you provided.  You will be asked on this page to enter the PIN they received and click Verify Code. 


At this point Affirm will confirm if you are approved or not and present the financing options available.  You would need to select which option suits you best, once you have clicked the preferred option you will need to click Continue.


4.  On the next screen, you will see a recap of the approved amount and the desired payment option selected. Affirm will also offer an Autopay option.  This would mean that rather than having to contact Affirm and pay each month, you can set up Autopay selecting the preferred payment method, and having that charged each month on the due date.  You can choose to opt-in for Autopay by turning on the switch


5. Now you will be required to select the payment method from a drop down window. 

Once the payment type has been selected, you will need to enter the details


6.  You will be asked to review the Truth in Lending Disclosure and Loan Agreement as well as the refund policy provided. We also will suggest you review the Credit Score Disclosure. 


7.  The next step is to wait for the confirmation. You will be redirected to where the confirmation number will be posted. You will also receive an e-mail and text message with the confirmation number. 


 You can leave the Affirm sign-up at any time and return back to the checkout flow

Once the purchase is complete, you will receive the usual emails from us indicating when the device will ship out (these devices will still ship from Ting like any other Ting shop-purchased device). 

Return & Exchanges on Affirm Orders 

Once you have purchased the device from Affirm, the device purchase transaction is complete from Ting's perspective. You will need to continue to make the monthly payments to Affirm, even if you decide to leave Ting.

If you need to return or exchange their purchase for any reason we would handle it like any other return or exchange. If we were to issue a partial or full refund Affirm would then credit your account with them once we do so. Any amount in excess of that would be refunded back to you via the payment method (checking account or debit card) that you have on file with Affirm.

Please have a look here for more information on the warranty offered by Ting.

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  • Avatar
    Taline Rutherford

    Hello I am interested in ting but I need a new phone. I didn't get approved through affirm so that's why I didn't continue with application. I would like to learn more about it an know if it's in my area I live in Mississippi. Thank you Famine Rutherford

  • Avatar
    Mitch Surprenant

    Approval through Affirm is done entirely through Affirm, and has no bearing on your ability to get Ting services. Affirm should be available nationwide.

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