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Whether you're looking to upgrade your phone or order a new phone to start service with Ting, our shop page has a wide selection of phones available to activate on our GSM network.

Placing a phone order

The advantage of ordering a phone directly from Ting is knowing you will be receiving a phone that is compatible with our service, and the phone will come with the SIM card needed for activation. You can complete the process of ordering the phone within a few minutes too.

    1. Go to the Ting shop page.
    2. Select the phone that catches your attention.
    3. If applicable, select your storage and color options. For iPhone, you have the option to remove AppleCare+.
    4. Click Buy now.
    5. Input your Service Address and tap Next. This helps us confirm your location will be suitable for the phone you are ordering.
    6. For new accounts, choose a plan that will best fit your usage. Existing accounts can add their new phone to the same plan on their account.
    7. Select the phone number option for your new phone and tap Next.
      Note: This selection will not cause the new phone to ship pre-activated.
    8. Enter the shipping address, pick a delivery option and click Continue.
    9. Choose your payment method, either using a credit card or financing through Affirm, and press Continue.
    10. Review your phone order, plan selection, billing details. If everything looks in order, click Place order.

Financing your phone with Affirm

Using the finance option for your phone allows you to make monthly payments towards the purchase rather than paying the full price upfront with your credit card. These monthly payments are handled with Affirm.

Due to the process of financing a phone through Affirm needing your personal information, Ting customer support would not be able to place an order using Affirm financing on your behalf.

The option for financing through Affirm is found once you reach the payment method for your phone order.

    1. Once you reach the billing method section of your phone order, select Affirm monthly payments.
    2. In the Affirm pop-up, choose the See if you qualify option.
    3. Input a phone number you can receive a text message verification code to and press Continue.
    4. After receiving the code by text message, enter the digits into the pop-up window to confirm your verification.
    5. Select your preferred finance plan for your phone.
    6. Review the details of the plan you selected and click Continue.
    7. Choose to either enable or disable autopay for your monthly phone payments.
    8. Check over the details of your selected financial payment plan and agree to the Truth in Lending Disclosure and Loan agreement before pressing Confirm loan.
    9. You will be re-directed back to your Ting website to complete your phone order.

Contacting Affirm

For any assistance needed with the financing part of your order, Affirm has information available through their website:

Their customer support is available through email at help@affirm.com or over the phone at 1-855-423-3729.

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