Military Personnel: Save your Phone Number with Ting

Veterans Day only happens once a year, but Ting wants to thank you all year-round.

As a small token of our appreciation to all members of the United States Armed Forces, Ting will save your phone number for you while you are on active duty. We understand that losing your number sucks, as does paying for a number that is not being used while you out of the country. All you need to do is contact us before you deploy and let us know when you expect to return.

What you need to know:

  • You must have an active account in good standing with Ting to be eligible for this offer. If your phone number is active with another carrier, you will need to transfer your number to Ting to avail.
  • We may ask you to send in a photo/copy of your military ID, but that is the only documentation you will need to provide.
  • We will waive the $6 device fee while your number is suspended for up to 12 months while you are out of the country.
  • We will restore your phone number on your expected return date and you can use your service as normal.
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