Account security and verification

Your account security is our top priority at Ting and we want to keep you and your personal information safe. This means that whenever you, or a trusted friend/family member, call in to request access to your account, we have to verify them by one of the methods listed in this article. Once the account has been successfully verified we will be able to freely discuss any information needed to help you out.

When will we need to verify your account? 

If we have to touch your account or talk about any of the details on the account, it's a safe bet we will need to verify you first. Here are some examples of when we would definitely need to verify you:
  • Before giving out account specific information
  • Merging accounts
  • Updating device settings
  • Updating billing information
  • Changing a number to a new device
  • Activating new numbers (including initiating a port)
  • Suspending or expiring a phone number
  • Adding or removing devices
  • Anything that will incur a charge
  • Cancelling an account

How can I verify my account? 

To keep you safe we have set up a couple of methods to verify whoever is requesting access your account:

Temporary PIN

A temporary pin is a 4 digit number that we send out to you via the email to your Ting account. There can only be one email associated with your Ting account, so we encourage you to use an email that you will have regular access to. This email will be the only one we can send the temporary pin and billing notifications to.
If you chose an email that isn't used frequently, you can update the email at any time by logging into your Ting account and following the steps below:
  1. Login to your Ting account.
  2. Select the account settings option on the left side of the screen.Current_usage_page_with_usage__1_.png
  3. Select the blue pencil to the right of the subheading details.Screen_Shot_2017-12-13_at_3.00.23_PM__1_.png
  4. The edit details screen will be displayed. Select the email option and update your email address as needed. 

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Permanent PIN

A permanent pin is a 4-10 digit numerical PIN number, of your choosing, that we set up on your account. This is an excellent solution if you can't access your email all the time and is a great option for family accounts so that all members will be able to verify.
If you are a new Ting customer and we are assisting you to create your account, you may choose to set up a permanent pin right away. If you are a steadfast Ting user, then we would first need to send out a temporary pin, or give you a callback to the primary number, before being able to set up a permanent pin on your Ting account.

Text message verification (SMS)

We can verify your account via text message. If you have a single line on your account, we'll send a five-digit PIN to this number before discussing account information. If you have multiple lines on the account, you must have authorized a specific line for text message verification, otherwise, we will ask you for your permanent PIN or send a verification PIN via email.

Note: verification texts come from the number 517-200-9283 but will not impact your billed usage.

Callback (primary phone number)

In the event that you don't have access to your email/internet/data, as a one-time exception, we will hang up and call you back on the primary contact number that has been set on your account. We consider this to be a last resort option, as calling back out to you will incur usage. We will also require you to set up a permanent pin number once the call back verification is complete.
Your primary contact number is something that you are able to update by logging into your Ting account and following the steps below:
  1. Login to your Ting account.
  2. Select the account settings option on the left side of the screen.Current_usage_page_with_usage__1_.png
  3. Select the blue pencil to the right of the subheading 'details.'Screen_Shot_2017-12-13_at_3.00.23_PM__1_.png
  4. On the edit details screen, select the Primary contact option and choose the desired number. 


Frequently asked questions


1. Who can verify my account? 

If you have entrusted your email information or your permanent pin to someone, then they will be able to verify the account for you. The methods listed in this article are the only acceptable forms of verification on your account. Again, we encourage that you use a current email address and set up a permanent pin on your Ting account.

2. Two-factor Authentication, what is it?

If you require additional security on your account, that is available in the way of two-factor Authentication (2FA). This feature adds another level of security to your Ting account by requiring you to enter a unique code when logging in from a new location. This code will be sent to your phone, either in your chosen authenticator app or via text message. You can turn two-factor authentication on and off using these steps.

3. What to do if the account holder has passed away?

In the case of a death, we would need to receive instructions and proof from the administrator of the estate or the executor of the will. They need to provide this proof via email attachment and scan a clear picture of the document.

4. What if none of the verification methods work for you?

An affidavit will be required when all the verification methods have failed. An affidavit is a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation, for use as evidence in court. An affidavit must be in writing and be sworn to or affirmed before a legally authorized officer. Statutes of various jurisdictions ordinarily prescribe various formal requirements for the affidavits. Once you have a signed copy of the affidavit, you can email a copy of it to us. Once verified, we can then make any required changes to the account for you.


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