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How to change your phone number


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Changing your Ting phone number is possible on both our GSM and CDMA networks, however, the process of doing so is different for each network.

If your number has been deactivated by mistake, or if you wish to restore a number that was deactivated within 24-48 hours, please get in touch with us immediately as it may be possible to restore the number. If it has been longer than 48 hours we can still attempt restoring it but we cannot guarantee the recovery.

If you are looking to change your number due to relocating, spam calls or harassment, please contact us as we can save you the extra device fee and sim card.


With our CDMA network, you can re-use your existing sim card if you have a device that requires a sim. First, you will need to deactivate the existing phone number. Doing so will allow you to activate the same device with a new number.


As for our GSM network, you will need a new GSM sim card to change your number as GSM sim cards are one-time use. You can order a new Ting GSM sim card if you do not have an unused Ting GSM sim card already.

Once you have your new GSM sim card, you will need to deactivate the number you wish to change and then activate the new GSM sim card with a new phone number.

Deactivating your old Ting number 

  1. From your Ting dashboard, click on device settings
  2. Click on the blue edit pen next to the number that you wish to deactivate

  3. Once the number in question is selected, click on the blue edit pencil next to Status


  4. Change the status to deactivate this device, and click on deactivate to confirm the change


    Please note: After the number is deactivated, You will no longer pay the $6/mo line fee after this current billing cycle closes.

  5. Now with the number deactivated, you can activate the same device with a new phone number. If you need any help, we have our official Ting activation guide to help.


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