How to change your phone number

You can change your Ting phone number on both our GSM and CDMA networks, but the process of doing so is different for each network.


On CDMA, changing your phone number is a quick two-step process: deactivate your old number and activate a new number.

Note: You should know that every new line you activate will generate an additional line fee on your bill.

Deactivating your old Ting number

  1. From your Ting dashboard, click on device settings
  2. Click on the blue edit pen next to the number that you wish to deactivate
  3. Once the number in question is selected, click on the blue edit pencil next to Status
  4. Change the status to deactivate this device, and click on deactivate to confirm the change Deactivate_number.png

Note: After you deactivate the number, you will no longer pay the $6/mo line fee after this current billing cycle closesIf you deactivated your number by mistake, or if you wish to restore a number that was deactivated within 24-48 hours, please get in touch with us immediately and we will try to restore it for you.

Reactivating with a new Ting number

Now with the number deactivated, you can activate the same equipment with a new phone number. If you need any help, check out the official Ting activation guide.


You cannot change your phone number on GSM. Unlike CDMA, deactivating and reactivating the SIM is not an option because your GSM SIM card is good for one-time use. Please contact us and we can change your phone number. 

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