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Tinitell Activation Guide and FAQ


Last updated by Christian Robinette


Important Tinitell activation note

As of early 2018, Tinitell has effectively ceased its production, opterations and device support. Ting will continue to support all Tinitell devices and functions as they relate to your Ting service until September, 2018 when the Tinitell app completes its shutdown. For further information about warranties, repairs, returns, app updates, and the full service shutdown, please view the official statement by Tinitell.

This guide is to help you activate your Tinitell device with Ting. Please watch this informative video on Tinitell if this is the first you are hearing about this awesome device.


Getting Started with Ting

If you are ready to activate, check out the Getting started with Tinitell page. From there, you can activate your Tinitell, confirm if there is service where you need it using the Ting GSM coverage map and see how you can manage your usage with alerts and caps.

You will be billed 2-5 days after the last day of your 30-day billing cycle if this is a new account or on your usual billing date if you're adding your Tinitell to an existing account. Based on typical Tinitell usage, you can expect to pay about $9 a month plus tax, which includes a $3 device fee for the active phone number (reduced from the standard $6), $3 for 100 minutes and $3 for 100 text messages. Check out Ting rates for a full breakdown. 


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SIM Card Activation

Once ready you can also begin the activation by clicking on Activate your Tinitell or you can also activate the SIM from your account following the standard process for activating a Ting GSM SIM. The Activation process will be different depending on whether you have a Ting account or you are just getting started with Ting.

If you are a brand new customer, then you will first need to set up a Ting account. If you are an existing customer, then you will be asked to log into your account before you begin the activation process. If you are asked for the IMEI number for your Tinitell, then the image below will show you where to find that information.


As you can see, the IMEI number is located under the back cover, behind the face of the watch. When entering it into our BYOD checker you can verify that its compatible with Ting's GSM service. If you have already checked the compatibility, then you can skip that step and move on to activate the GSM SIM card. 


Next, you will need to either enter the ICCID number or choose the correct GSM sim card from the list shown. The ICCIC number is 19 digits and is printed on the back of the card that the GSM SIM is attached to.

Once you have activated, the next screen will reference APNs and testing. Please note that APN setup is not required for this device, and the confirmation call is not relevant until the Tinitell app has been installed and your devices are paired. This would be a great time to set up those usage alerts and caps on your Ting account as once the SIM is active you will have access to do so.

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SIM Installation and Tinitell Pairing

Next comes the process of initially connecting your Tinitell device to your smartphone. If you need, we even have a video to help with pairing your Tinitell device with a smartphone.

The Ting GSM SIM will come pre-installed on some Tinitell watches but will need to be installed for others. This would be done using the Micro size with the metal contacts facing up. Once inserted you would just need to restart the Tinitell.



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You are welcome to get in touch with Ting support if you need any help with the Ting service or account. We have addressed some of the more common questions below as well as providing some tips on how best to use and care for your Tinitell. Please let us know if you have any helpful tips to share!

How does international usage/roaming work with my Tinitell?

Your Tinitell is a GSM device so it is able to roam internationally with Ting provided you have enabled the international roaming feature from your Ting account. Please note roaming charges vary country to country so here are the Ting rates for international roaming.

What is the warranty on my Tinitell?

Here is a link to the Tinitell warranty information.

What if I have issues pairing with my Tinitell app?

Start by making sure the SIM is correctly installed and you have restarted the device since installing it. Please then go through the troubleshooting checklist below and get in touch if you're still having issues:

  • Is your smartphones internet connection on?
  • Is your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection on?
  • Is your Ting SIM card active?
  • Have you restarted Tinitell since inserting the SIM card?
  • Is your Tinitell on?
  • Is your Tinitell close to your smartphone?
  • Is your smartphone's internet connection on?

Can my Tinitell be used underwater?

The Tinitell is water/splash resistant but not waterproof. It should not be used underwater or immersed but will withstand splashes.

How can I restart my Tinitell?

You can restart your Tinitell by pressing the call button longer than 8 seconds. It will then make a “Bye-bye, see you later!” sound and power off. You can power it back on by pushing that same call button.

How can I reset my Tinitell to factory default settings?

Your Tinitell can be reset to factory default settings by following these steps:

  1. Make sure your Tinitell is OFF
  2. Connect the charging cable to your Tinitell and wait for LED lights to come up
  3. Press and hold the + volume button
  4. After Tinitell vibrates once, keep pressing the + volume button and disconnect the charging cable
  5. Now, release + volume button
  6. The factory reset is confirmed by your Tinitell saying "Bye bye, talk you later!"

How do I add a contact on my Tinitell?

You can save a contact to your Tinitell by following these steps:

  1. Make sure your Tinitell is next to your smartphone and press the Tinitell icon 
  2. Swipe up the menu screen and press the Contacts menu
  3. Press the + icon and choose a contact from your phone contact list
  4. Press the microphone icon to record a voice label/name for that contact (i.e.Mom) Then press Done
  5. You can also turn on/off the call blocking feature from this screen

What if I have trouble making/receiving calls or getting location updates from my Tinitell?

We would want to make sure the calls are not being blocked via the settings on the Tinitell itself. This can be done from the same menu we would add a contact. This can also be a coverage issue if you are in an area with a weak signal or no coverage on Ting's GSM network. We also suggest saving contacts as +1 and then the seven-digit phone number.

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