Did you know that you can update your email address or password through your Ting account? You can also update the credit card you have on file or choose to set up Amazon billing. If you want to subscribe to device alerts, Ting news or quarterly surveys, you can do that too. What have you learned? You have full control over your Ting account.

Just log into your Ting account and go to the Account settings page. Then choose what you want to update:




The details screen contains most of the information we will use to stay in contact with you. When you click the edit pencil and you can:

  1. Check your account number.
  2. Update your account holder name.
  3. Set a primary contact device/number and set or update your alternate contact number.
  4. Update your contact email. This email will be the primary source of verification and communication with Ting. It is imperative that you use one you have access to the email.

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Why set a primary number?

Setting a Ting phone number as a primary contact is an alternative method for verification. If you are unable to access your contact email, and you have one of your lines set this way, we can offer a callback verification to move forward with assisting you. If you have only one phone number on your account, we will use that number as the primary number by default.

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To update your billing info, click the edit pencil beside the Billing option. You will now be able to make any changes necessary for payments. We also offer to set up Pay with Amazon.

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Emails and updates

This field will allow you to choose to receive emails about promotions, device sales, feature updates, as well as satisfaction surveys, among other things, throughout the year. Ting is always coming up with great ways to save customers money. Here you can choose if you would like to participate. 


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You will be able to change your current login password on this screen. You must know your current password to be able to do so. 


If you do not know your current password and need to reset it, you will need to click the forgotten password link as shown below. If you're automatically logged in, you'll need to log out or use a different browser.

Enter the email associated with your Ting account.

Below is an example of the email you will receive to reset your password.


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2-Factor authentication

2-Factor Authentication is another layer of security you can add to your Ting account. This option offers multiple methods for you to secure your account. For your convenience, we have a detailed article on how 2-Factor Authentication works. 


Ting takes Digital Security very seriously, and we've compiled some tips and tricks that may help you in the fight against fraud. 

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Cancel your account

You can use this option to cancel your account with Ting. For verification purposes as well as helping us improve our service, you will be directed to contact support. For more information on how this process works, take a look at our cancellation process

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Port out of Ting

This tab will provide you with all the details you need to take your number to a new carrier. While we hate to see you go, we understand that sometimes Ting isn’t the right service for everyone. Staying true to our word of doing things right, we’ll make this as painless as possible


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