The Device settings tab of your Ting dashboard is where can manage all of the phones, tablets or  hostpots on your account, turn features on and off, edit and update network settings, move a number to a new phone, deactivate a phone you're no longer using and much more.

On your Device settings tab, you will see a detailed breakdown of all of the devices on your account. You can manage both your active and inactive devices.


Active devices

This section displays the devices that are currently active are currently active on your account. You will see a detailed summary of your device’s information as shown above.

  1. Device name or nickname
  2. Device make and/or model
  3. Network (CDMA or GSM)
  4. Phone number
  5. Status (active or suspended)

Inactive devices

This section shows the inactive devices on your account. The name of your device and the MEID/IMEI information is displayed as shown below.



Adding an inactivate device

You can activate an inactive device by clicking on the activate link located to the right of the inactive device listed under the Inactive devices list. If you do not see a device that was previously active on your account or if you wish to activate a BYOD (bring your own device) you can do so by clicking on the Add a device button at the top of the page.



Managing your devices 

Ting makes it convenient for you to manage all of your minutes, messaging and megabytes in one place. First, click the edit pencil for the device you wish to edit.


To make changes to the selected device, click the edit pencil beside each corresponding section. You can enable or disable features to help you manage how you use your phone and the services you want to avail of with Ting.



Under Details, you will see a breakdown of all of your device’s important information in one convenient place. By clicking on the blue pencil, you can:

  • Temporarily suspend, deactivate or re-activate a device
  • Add a nickname for your device
  • Edit your caller ID (the name displayed when you call people)
    Note: This feature is not available on Ting GSM
  • See your ESN (electronic serial number, which can be IMEI, MEID HEX or MEID DEC)
  • Get your MSL number (An MSL is a 6-digit code unique to your CDMA device that's necessary to access some of your handset's deeper functions, such as wiping a phone number or manually programming in a new one.)
  • View your MSID (mobile station identifier)
  • View your ICCID (integrated circuit card identifier), a.k.a your SIM card number


Within these settings, you can set up features like call forwarding, enable or disable calling features such as call waiting or conference calling and you can also enable or disable your voicemail from this menu.


3-27h.pngInternational long distance

This is where you can enable the ability to make international long distance calls. Depending on where you call, the surcharges can vary depending on the location.

Note:  If you are a former RingPlus customer that migrated to Ting, this feature will not be available.


4-27h.pngInternational roaming

This is where you can enable or disable your ability to use your Ting mobile service outside of the USA. This service may only be available for certain phones. Be sure to look up Ting's international roaming surcharges for the countries you'll be travelling to!

Note: If you don't see a section for International roaming, the feature toggle will be shown under the Minutes section. If you are a former RingPlus customer that migrated to Ting, this feature will not be available.


Messages, also known as SMS, are managed here.



Data controls your ability to connect to and use cellular data. Data can be used for such things as accessing a website via the browser on your phone, E-Mail, Multimedia messaging or Tethering/Hotspot.  On your Device settings page you will see either see this for CDMA activated devices:


Or you will see this for GSM activated devices:


GSM devices normally control the ability to send pictures, video and group messages by adding in the appropriate APN settings based on your device being Apple, Andriod or a feature phone.


As always, if you have any trouble with your account, finding information, or if you simply want to learn more about a specific tab and its functions you can always contact support and we'll be more than happy to assist.

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