Within your account activity settings, you will be able to see any actions that your account has processed. This can be anything from an alert you have set to purchases you have made with Ting. If something has happened on your account, this is where you'll find it. 

Your account activity will list the past 3 months or up to the 30 most recent actions that have taken place. These include:

  • Any alerts you have set 
  • Devices you have removed from your account
  • Reactivations that have processed
  • Purchases and shipping notifications
  • Suspensions on the account and device(s)
  • Method of payment notices (expiration date upcoming)

Activities not found listed here include:

  • Initial activations of devices
  • Email, billing, and preference changes
  • Caps taking effect
  • Features being enabled or disabled

Your account may also have notifications that appear once you're logged in across the top of your screen. Anything that you may not want to miss will be here. There may be multiple notifications found on this bar, and they will be listed by number so you know how many are pending.

Any information you are unable to find here can usually be confirmed by our customer service representatives. If you need a hand with anything you are unable to find, you can always contact support.


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