Using the Ting mobile app

The Ting mobile app is a great way to keep track of your account. You'll be able to view your current usage, your billing history, and update your device settings. 

Once you have downloaded the Ting app from your phone's app store, you will be prompted to sign in. Enter the email address and password associated with your Ting account, and then tap Sign in to get started.

Current usage dashboard

The app will first display your current usage totals for voice, text, and data when you log in. You can see how much was used by each device on the account, along with the date the usage occurred by tapping a specific usage type.

Current_Usage_-_Check_Data.png      Usage_-_Data.png

Navigating the menu

The main menu can be brought up by tapping the menu icon in the top left corner. You will be able to navigate between current usage, device settings, billing, alerts, support, and sharing from here.

Current_Usage_-_Menu_Icon.png      Menu.png

Viewing your bill

Current Bill

View bill will show you a breakdown of the charges for your current billing cycle. When you tap on SEE BILL DETAILS, you will have a breakdown to show the number of devices and usage totals for each device. 

Current_Usage_-_view_bill.png     Billing_overview_-_see_bill_details.png

Billing History

To view your billing history, choose Billing from the main menu. If you want to see a more detailed breakdown of a billing period, tap on the bill.

Billing_history_-_oct_5.png      Previous_bill.png

Changing device settings

Device settings will bring up the list of active devices on your account. From here, you can tap on the device to bring up the list of features that can be toggled for minutes, messages, and megabytes.

Device_settings_overview.png     Device_settings_detail.png

Creating alerts

Navigating to Alerts will bring up a list of existing usage alerts on your account. Edit existing alerts by tapping on an alert or use the icon in the bottom right to add a new alert to your account or add an alert for a specific device.


App notification settings

Tapping the menu icon on the right side brings up the general app settings to turn notifications on or off and sign out of the app.

Current_Usage_-_dots.png      Settings.png

Sharing your refer a friend link

You can tap on Share to find your refer a friend link and share it right from the app. You can also see how many friends have joined Ting through your link and the total credits you've earned.


Getting in touch with support

Tapping on Support will bring you to direct links to get in touch with our customer service. Choose between a support call, starting a chat, or submitting a help request to get in touch with us.



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