My internet is down - checking your Ting fiber connection

Webpages aren't loading, and movies aren't streaming on your device? Before you reach out for help, check out these quick, easy steps to get back online.

  1. Make sure your device is connecting to your home network via Wi-Fi or ethernet.
  2. Check other devices in your home for connectivity. If your other devices are online, try rebooting the one that's not working.
  3. Visit our status page to check for outages in your area. 
  4. Check your wireless router and optical network terminal (ONT) for power and LED status. If you use your own router, you may need to look for the manufacturer's user guide on specific LED states.
  5. Restart your wireless router and ONT by disconnecting the power plug from the wall for 30 seconds.
    Note: It may take 3-4 minutes for both boxes to completely power on.
  6. Look for visible signs of damage to your equipment or cabling.
    • Replace any damaged cables if possible.
    • If you find damaged cables outside your home, contact us.

Our support team is always here to help! If your issues persist, contact us

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