Ting's price plans

We designed Ting Mobile's plans with your cellular needs in mind! Our plans are contract-free, and they all offer unlimited talk and text.

We're offering two different choices for data: Data inclusive plans and the Flex plan. All prices are per device.  

Data inclusive plans

With data inclusive plans, the data is not shared, and each device enjoys the total amount of high-speed data. If you go over your chosen data plan, you can get unlimited data at 2G speeds or grab a data top-up for more LTE data use on an individual line.

Data-inclusive plans offer a steady, consistent billing rate. If you don't choose to use any data top-ups, you'll be billed the same amount each month, no matter how much data you use. 

For example, if you choose the Set 5 Plan, you would be charged $25 per device, and each device gets 5GB of individual high-speed data to use.  
data inclusive plans

Flex plan

The Flex plan offers pay-for-what-you-use data at $5 per GB with the data shared across all devices on your account. Meaning if you have two devices that each uses 500MB of data, you'd be billed $5 for 1GB of total data usage at the end of your billing cycle.

If you use more than 1GB of data on the Flex plan, you will automatically have an additional $5 charge per GB used. Your speeds will not slow down to 2G speeds, and you will not need to add a data top-up on your Ting account. 

Flex Plans

Plan comparison

Plan Flex Set 5 Set 12 Unlimited Unlimited Pro
Cost Per Line $10 $25 $35 $45 $55
Talk and Text Unlimited
Data Included 0 5 GB 12 GB 22 GB 35 GB
Data Overage $5 per GB used by the whole account Top-up's available or throttled data to 2G speeds
Hotspot Included Available For the first 5GB, not available from data top-up For the first 8GB, not available from data top-up For the first 12GB, not available from data top-up For the first 18GB, not available from data top-up

Need more data?

If you select a data-inclusive plan with a specified amount of LTE data and find that you're running out, you can add a one-time data top-up separately to each device on your account.

  1. Log in to your Ting account.
  2. Go to the Plan overview page.
  3. Select Add fast speed data top-up for the phone number where you want to add more data. A $5 charge will be added to your next bill.

Changing your plan

All of our plans are contract-free, and you can change between plans at any time. If you don't like your current plan, you can change your plan by contacting us, and we'll set up a new plan to go into effect at the start of your next billing cycle.

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