What router should I use with Home 2 Gigabit?

For households who prefer wireless connectivity, Ting’s Whole Home Wi-Fi routers are the best option for your home. Whole Home Wi-Fi comes with the best available Wi-Fi 6E technology, which ensures a fast, low-latency Wi-Fi connection to all your devices. Each Wi-Fi device works together to extend coverage to every corner of your home and comes with two available ethernet ports for wired connections. Check out internet.ting.com/homewifi for more information!

If you’re a heavy bandwidth user who relies on wired connectivity, you may want to choose the bring-your-own router option and purchase a router with multiple 2.5 GbE or greater ports. Be sure to also check your device’s ethernet port speed capabilities to ensure they are compatible.

Note: Most devices ethernet ports are 1 GbE.


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