Why is Ting Fiber Internet construction coming onto my property?

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Ting Fiber Internet construction process

Construction work will happen in the city-owned, public right-of-way; the area on the street side of your home that’s reserved for utilities. If you’ve ever noticed a water meter cap in your lawn, that’s typically around the dividing line between your property and the city’s property.

What is the public right-of-way?

Public right-of-way refers to the area on, below, or above a public roadway, highway, street, alley, easement, or waterway.

The City reserves the two-to-four feet extending from the sidewalk toward your property for utilities. This right-of-way is where utilities, including power, water, and, in this case, the conduit that carries fast, reliable fiber internet to homes and businesses, are buried.

How far does the public right-of-way extend before my property begins?

The right-of-way measurement can differ depending on your neighborhood. Contact your City for specific details regarding your right-of-way.




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