Resetting Windows OS7 and OS8 Phones

Running a factory reset on a Windows phone is relatively easy. You'll probably want to back up your phone first and if you're unsure of how to do that, you can check out the tips here. If none of the steps below work on your phone, get in touch and we'll help you get your phone reset.

Software factory reset for Windows Phones

To run a factory reset on your Windows phone from the phone's software, follow the steps below:

  1. Settings
  2. About
  3. Reset your phone
  4. Yes to confirm
  5. Yes to confirm

Hardware factory reset for Windows Phones

To reset a Windows phone from the hardware, follow these directions:

  1. From power off, while pressing the VOLUME DOWN key, press and hold the POWER button
  2. When the manufacturer or Windows logo appears, release only the POWER key
  3. Once the exclamation mark appears, release the VOLUME DOWN key and press the following keys, in order:

                - VOLUME UP

                - VOLUME DOWN

                - POWER

                - VOLUME DOWN

After the manufacturer or Windows logo appears, the device will display two turning gears as it resets. Then the handset will completely reset and restart.



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