When you connect your Netgear Zing to your computer, you'll be able to view and edit its settings via the easy-to-use Zing Manager. The Netgear Zing allows you to adjust a lot of these settings right on the device, but if you like to see more options at once (or if you just have bigger hands), then it can be nice to explore the device on a larger screen. Below is a quick rundown of the settings you'll likely use most.

 To access the Netgear Zing's browser interface, simply:

  • Connect your computer to the Netgear Zing's Wi-Fi network (this does not require an internet/data connection)
  • If your computer doesn't automatically launch a window with the Netgear Zing's browser interface, open a browser window
  • Enter in the address bar
  • Log in using default password password

Home page

On the Home page of the Zing Manager interface, you'll find some general device information including your data usage and the phone number associated with your Netgear Zing.

To access on the device:

  1. Tap Settings 
  2. Tap More 
  3. Tap About

Wi-Fi settings

In the Wi-Fi section of the interface, on the Options tab, you can update many settings including:

  1. The Wi-Fi name and password for your Netgear Zing
  2. The maximum number of total connections and number of Main vs Guest connections
  3. Choosing to hide or show the Wi-Fi authentication information on the device's LCD display
  4. Choosing whether or not Wi-Fi should remain enabled if USB tethering is being used

To edit the Wi-Fi name and password on the device:

  1. Click Wi-Fi 
  2. Click Main Wi-Fi

To access all other Wi-Fi settings on the device:  

  1. Click Wi-Fi 
  2. Click on Options

Device settings

In the Settings section on the General tab, under device, you can update device settings like the screen brightness and timeout and the device's sleep setting. You can also update your Zing Manager login credentials on this page.

To access on the device (except ability to change Manager login credentials):

  1. Click Settings 
  2. Click Display

 Reset Options

In the Settings section on the General tab, under software and reset, you can:

  1. Back up your Netgear Zing (you may want to do this prior to resetting it to factory defaults)
  2. Restore your device from a previous back up file
  3. Check for software updates
  4. Return your device to factory settings
  5. Prepare the device to be used with a new number if it's been active with another number before

To access on the device:

  1. Click Settings 
  2. Click Reset


In the Settings section on the Network tab, under preferences, you can: 

  1. Set your device's network mode
  2. Choose roaming settings (Note: domestic data roaming is not available)
  3. Enable or disable roaming guards
  4. Initiate a PRL update
  5. Update network settings which prompt the device to go through hands-free activation again and will update the device's data profile

To access on the device:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Network

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