The Huawei Express 5072 Wireless Router is a great way to stay connected while mobile. You can use the Huawei's robust browser interface to easily view and edit a wide variety of settings.

To access the Huawei's browser interface, simply:

  • Connect your computer to the Huawei's network (this does not require an internet connection)
  • Open a browser window on your computer
  • Enter in the address bar

Initial setup

On the login page of the Huawei's browser interface, you can see important status information about your device, such as whether or not you're roaming (only applies internationally), what kind of data connection you have, your signal strength, internet/data connection and battery life. The default login password is "password." 

1. Once you're logged in, click on Settings.

2. You'll be automatically taken to the Quick Setup Wizard. Follow the steps to set:

  • Data connection preferences
  • Login password for the browser interface
  • Wi-Fi name (SSID) and password (key)
  • Security type

3. When you've gone through all the steps, click Finish.

WAN settings

WAN Basic settings

From the WAN Basic Settings, you can view and update your data connection preferences. Select from 3G Only, 4G Only and 4G Preferred. You can also set your device to connect to the network automatically. 

3G Settings

Choose your roaming mode and set your device to allow for data access while traveling internationally in the 3G Settings.

Wi-Fi settings

Basic settings

From the Basic Settings in the Wi-Fi section you can update many of your Huawei's Wi-Fi settings, including Wi-Fi name (SSID) and password (WPA key), security type, and whether or not your device's password displays on the LED or not. You can also set the maximum number of users for your device on this page.


If you ever need to reset your Huawei, you may want to back up your device's Wi-Fi settings first (to save things like block/allow lists). You can create a back up file from the Configuration section of the Wi-Fi settings. You can restore those settings from this same location. 

MAC filter

Use the MAC Filter page to set up either a Allow or Deny list to restrict which devices can connect to your Huawei. Use the drop down to choose which type of MAC filter you want to use. Then add the MAC addresses of devices you want in your list.

 System update options

All of the updates you'll need to run on your Huawei are accessible in the System Update section of the browser interface. 

System settings

Device information

Main system settings include things like your main Device Information page. Here you can find information like the phone number associated with your Huawei, its MEID/ESN, and MAC address. 

Modify password

To update your login password for the browser interface, go to the Modify Password section of the System Settings.

Reset to factory default

To reset your Huawei to factory defaults, click on "Reset to Factory Default" in the System settings for the device. Your MSL/SCP will be required for this action.

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