Setting up and using Wi-Fi calling

Wi-Fi calling is an excellent addition to have enabled on your phone to help boost your cellular signal, so you always have great coverage, even indoors. Wi-Fi calling utilizes the local Wi-Fi network your phone is connected to for reliable service while using your existing phone number.

Wi-Fi calling compatibility

Wi-Fi calling is supported on eligible devices on our GSM and V1 networks. Your phone will have the setting or app if it supports it.

  • iPhone: Running iOS 14 or higher, supported on the iPhone 6s and newer iPhone models.
  • Android: Check your Mobile Network settings for a Wi-Fi calling setting.

Enabling Wi-Fi calling

  1. Log into your account on the Ting website, and from the main dashboard, click Device settings.
  2. Next to the phone number and phone you are enabling Wi-Fi calling for, press the pencil icon.
  3. Go to the Minutes section and select the pencil icon once again.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the options for your Minutes, enable the Can use Wi-Fi calling, and tap Save.

Wi-Fi calling is an option to enable through the Device settings for all phones active on our GSM network. Enabling the setting does not necessarily mean the phone is compatible with Wi-Fi calling.

Setting up Wi-Fi calling on your phone

Once Wi-Fi calling is enabled on your Ting account, you must enable it on your phone and set your preferences. Your phone can switch to Wi-Fi calling when it's enabled, depending on your settings as long as you're connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Click the links below to see where the Wi-Fi calling settings are for your phone:

Setting up the E911 address

An E911 address is needed for emergency services to determine the phone's location if an emergency call is placed. It is required that the address used is accurate and kept updated if you move to a new address.

At this time, Android phones can only use the Service Address as listed on your Ting account. We plan to have a way for you to update this information on your account in the future.

For iPhone, you need to manually enter an E911 address when you enable Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone.

Billing for Wi-Fi calling

Calls and text messages made while Wi-Fi calling is connected will count towards your usage since your Ting phone number is still in use.

If you use one of Ting's unlimited plans, this will not impact your invoice, but if you are still on our Legacy Rates, you may want to keep track of your usage while using Wi-Fi calling.

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