Texts to Short Code 122 (GSM Only)

The following issues on GSM devices are caused by a communication problem between the network and the visual voicemail app:

  • outgoing texts to the code "122" that you haven't sent
  • incoming texts from +1121611611
  • texts or notifications with the message "122 Error Invalid Number"

Visual voicemail is not provided or supported by Ting; it's a feature provided by our network partner and is not always guaranteed to work when you're not using their services directly.

If you're experiencing these problems with your device, you'll need to disable visual voicemail to make them stop.


Disabling Visual Voicemail

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap the General tab (if your phone does not have tabs go to step 3)
  3. Tap Application Manager or Apps
  4. Select All at the top of the screen
  5. Scroll to Visual Voicemail
  6. Tap Clear Data
  7. Tap Turn Off to delete the app

When you access your voicemail again, you may need to reset your password.


Google Voice Lite

If you'd still like to use a visual voicemail option, our recommendation at this time is Google Voice Lite. It's free and provides the same type of functionality as traditional network-based visual voicemail packages. You do not need to have a Google Voice number to use Google Voice Lite.



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