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Default Email App Disabled (CDMA Only)


Last updated by Isabel M

As of January 31, 2014, Sprint®* Mobile Email, the default email application that comes installed on most feature phones, has been discontinued. To access your email on your feature phone, you can use either of the methods below.

This does not affect smartphone email applications.

Download a New Email Application

You can download a new email application from Get Jar.

In your phone's browser address bar, enter

From the home page, select Categories > Social & Messaging Applications > Email

Choose a mail application and download it

To access the application on your phone, go to the phone's Main Menu > My Stuff > Applications and login to your email from there


Access Email Using Your Phone's Browser

You can also simply access your email from your phone's browser. It'll be easier to do so using your email provider's mobile-optimized site (if they have one). We've listed a few of them below:

Yahoo -

Gmail -

Windows Live Hotmail and Outlook - or


Time Warner Road Runner -

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  • Avatar
    Elias Zuniga

    Thank you for posting this. I was just starting to enjoy email on my dumbphone using the built-in app. Since it stopped working, I've used the above instructions (navigated to to get PicoMail application. It works great and supports multiple accounts,  including yahoo and gmail. It even reads pdf's! Make sure you allow imap/pop 3 access in your email account's settings. Also, when first setting up you may have trouble from Gmail and Yahoo blocking access to the application (for security purposes), so check if you get an email from them so that you can grant access to the application. After that it's smooth sailing! 

  • Avatar
    Roger Skubowius

    PicoMail for any feature phone rocks! Let's see -- images, PDF documents, attachments, automatic spam removal, multiple accounts, easy account setup, on and on. Download by entering into your phone's browser, click on the PicoMail download link -- that easy! Oh, best part -- is free. Sprint users should be all over this app.

  • Avatar
    Mattias Hembruch

    Couldn't get picomail to work on my wife's Kyocera Brio - can bring up a list of messages, can't download the actual email text. The only other option  (emoze) does nothing.


    Any other suggestions? Very disappointed that Sprint stopped this useful service...

  • Avatar
    Elias Zuniga

    @Mattias Are you using Picomail with Google or Yahoo? I had the problem you're describing at first. (Seeing email subjects only, but unable to read emails themselves.)  I then received a message from both email accounts saying someone was trying to gain access to my email; after I verified the access as valid, it worked.

  • Avatar
    Mattias Hembruch

    Thanks Elias - I'll give it another shot..

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