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Enabling Kids Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5

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Enabling Kids Mode on the Galaxy S5 is an easy way to protect the data stored on your device from small (and let's face it, less careful) hands.

Installing the app

1. Press and hold your finger on a Home screen with an open area (probably not your main Home screen) until the Shortcuts appear. Then tap Widgets at the bottom of the screen.


Installing the app


2. Press and hold the Kids Mode icon. This widget should already be installed on the phone when you get it.


3. Drag the icon onto a Home screen and tap to launch.


4. Follow the prompts to install the app.



Setting up Kids Mode

As soon as you finish installing the Kids Mode app, you'll be prompted to set it up. Start by tapping Set PIN.


Setting up Kids Mode


1. Set and confirm a PIN. This PIN allows you access to the Parental Controls within the app and allows you to exit Kids Mode.


2. Set and confirm a backup password.


3. Set up a profile for your child. Currently Kids Mode only allows for one child profile.


4. Read and accept the disclaimer.


5. Skip the downloaded apps page and tap Finish


6. You'll see the screen that shows you how to access Parental Controls and how to exit Kids Mode. Tap the X in the top right hand corner.


7. Tap the Parental Controls icon. You'll be prompted for your PIN.


8. You can control your child's profile and manage Kids Mode from here. Hit the back key (to the right of the home button on the phone) to return to the Kids Mode main screen. You can exit Kids Mode from there.

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