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FAQ: Nightscout and Ting


Last updated by Isabel M

If you're using a Ting device along with the Nightscout system, getting up and running is quick and easy. This article will answer questions that we often get from parents using Nightscout who are looking to make the move to Ting.


Which Ting devices can be used with Nightscout?

In order for a device to be used with Nightscout, it must have Android 4.0 or later and be USB OTG (on-the-go) capable. You can purchase a Moto G from Ting:

Following are the Ting devices that meet these criteria:

  • HTC Evo 3D Shooter (Model X515C)
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 / Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch (Model SPH-D710)
  • Samsung Galaxy S3

Other Sprint®* branded devices that should work on Ting using Nightscout but have not been confirmed are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 (non-triband only - model SPH-L720)
  • Samsung Galaxy Victory

If you don't see these phones on our shop page you can bring them to Ting.

We also have a lot of customers who were able to get Nightscout working with the Boost Motorola Moto G, however it's unlikely you'll be able to get that device to pass a financial eligibility check at the moment.

What services do I need to have enabled for my device to use Nightscout with Ting?

You only need to have data enabled for your device to use Nightscout. You can disable all your other services if you won't be using your phone for anything else. The image below shows how this would look on your Ting account:

What services do I need to have enabled for my device to use Nightscout with Ting?

How much data does Nightscout use?

On average, customers using their Ting devices only to run Nightscout use 1-2mb of data daily and 19-22mb monthly; however this entirely depends on how much time you spend using Wi-Fi as opposed to data. If you stay within the average range of other Nightscout users, this will put you in the Small rate bucket for data usage.

How much will I spend with Ting using Nightscout?

Assuming your usage falls within the average for Nightscout users (see the previous question), you'll spend about $9 monthly; $3 for your data usage and $6 for your monthly active line fee. Bear in mind this number does not include applicable taxes, which will vary.

If we need to do any troubleshooting to help you get a device up and running (i.e. make test calls), your first month of usage might be a little higher.

How do I keep on top of my data usage?

Setting usage alerts on your Ting account is the easiest way to keep track of your data. Click here for directions on how to do that.

What else can I do to keep my usage costs low?

Depending on your device, you can:

  • Turn off software updates unless you're on Wi-Fi.
  • Remove unnecessary apps from the device that might refresh or update in the background.
  • Block calls and texts so that you don't receive unwanted communications that incur usage costs.

Why Ting?

Ting is ideal for the needs of families using Nightscout because:

  • We have no contracts or start up fees.
  • You can completely customize the services on your account so that only the services you're going to use are enabled at all.
  • You only pay for what you use.


*Sprint is a trademark of Sprint

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  • Avatar
    David Waghalter

    The Samsung S3 should work as well, shouldn't it?

  • Avatar
    Isabel M

    Hi David,

    You're right, the Galaxy S3 should work. Just make sure it's a Sprint-branded version. The section of the article that covers compatible devices has been updated as well.

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