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Ting 1.07

Last updated by Ken Schafer

The following changes to went live between Tuesday January 24 and Thursday January 26, 2012:

  • Launched to replace Using Android, and our Private Beta Ning Community.
  • Launched redesigned Plans Page.
  • The Sierra 250u 4G USB Modem is now available.
  • Added "Remember Me" option to log-in screen.
  • Added Video Tutorials for all devices to the device descriptions and to Device Settings pages in Your Account.
  • Added link to Savings Calculator and customer service email address in the site's main navigation on all pages.
  • Removed need to review current Plan when activating additional devices.
  • When returning error messages we now highlight the fields that caused the error.
  • A success message is displayed when a customer changes their Plan sizes.
  • Improvements to data caching to reduce data display inconsistencies
  • Improvements to accessibility for the visually impaired.
  • Many improvements to design and bill presentation.
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