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Ting 1.07


Last updated by Ken Schafer

The following changes to went live between Tuesday January 24 and Thursday January 26, 2012:

  • Launched to replace Using Android, and our Private Beta Ning Community.
  • Launched redesigned Plans Page.
  • The Sierra 250u 4G USB Modem is now available.
  • Added "Remember Me" option to log-in screen.
  • Added Video Tutorials for all devices to the device descriptions and to Device Settings pages in Your Account.
  • Added link to Savings Calculator and customer service email address in the site's main navigation on all pages.
  • Removed need to review current Plan when activating additional devices.
  • When returning error messages we now highlight the fields that caused the error.
  • A success message is displayed when a customer changes their Plan sizes.
  • Improvements to data caching to reduce data display inconsistencies
  • Improvements to accessibility for the visually impaired.
  • Many improvements to design and bill presentation.
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  • Avatar
    Ben Everly

    You say (Ting 1.07) that the Sierra 250u modem is now available, however the link for it leads to a page that says it's an invalid URL.  Where can I find this device?

  • Avatar
    Ken Schafer

    Hi Ben,

    We add devices to these release notes as they come available but we don't use the release notes to inform you when devices are no longer available.

    All the devices that are available at any given moment are listed on our devices page.

  • Avatar
    Ben Everly

    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for the speedy response!  Was there a problem with the 250u modems?  They seem to have the specs that would work for me: usable with Macs and have external antenna jacks - if I got one elsewhere would  Ting be able to help me get the MSL code for it from Sprint?  It looks as if a few of your customers have managed to bring them over to your network.

    Thanks again,


  • Avatar
    Ken Schafer

    It's really an availability issue. Mobile device launch and go "end of life" very quickly. We also have device availability issues that make devices temporarily unavailable. 

    This device is well over a year old. We're hoping to offer LTE data devices at some point but right now we've got on the site is all there is.

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    Curtis M Kularski


    According to the BYSOD white list, the following Sierra data devices are presently eligible to transfer to Ting:


    Data Devices: 

    595u, AC253, AC550, AC555, AC580, AC585, AC595, AC803 Mobile Hotspot, MP555, PC3300, RAC550

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