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Ting 1.10


Last updated by Ken Schafer

The following changes to went live Tuesday March 6, 2012:

  • Minor visual and bug fixes.
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    Michael Mayfield

    Have you considered putting some sort of User Ticket Queue for your customers?  For instance, lets say I want to look at my past ticket and what problems I have had.  It would be a great help to look back and say "oh yeah, look here, ticket XXXX had a similar issue".   I would have to be logged in to my account of course.

    Just a thought...


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    Ben Lucier

    Hi Michael,

    Are you referring to previous help tickets? When you're logged in at, you can click on View Open Requests (I think)... then on the right hand menu there should be an option to view previous requests. You can also visit this link: (While logged in of course).

    If you were referring to something else, let me know and I'll get you a better answer.



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    Michael Mayfield

    Well I know about that feature, however, the tickets and issues that are resolved seem to disappear rather quickly.  I was suggesting that there be something like a "Your Ticket Queue" for the last six months (or some length of time) that way a customer can see the types of problems he/she has been experiencing in that time period (if any).  My employer does something similar to this and I find it very helpful when I have to call the help desk, I can reference a previous ticket number and explain that I was having a similar problem to ticket XXXX on [date].

    Hope I was able to clarify what I was trying to say.  Thanks again.

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