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Ting Release Notes: Jun. 20, 2013


Last updated by Brad Coates

The following changes went live today:

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    Amber Stewart

    While the Ting billing method WAS a bit confusing the first few months, I found I could simply switch all of my plans to the "$0" amount and only be charged for what plans I actually used. So I don't anticipate much change in my billing!

    In any case, kudos to the Ting team for working for its customers. I've been essentially evangelizing Ting to anyone who'll listen; over $39 a month saved for me with a much better phone through Ting!

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    Michael Keller

    As long as I'm still not charged for miniscule data usage for things like PRL updates or getting that stinking Visual Voicemail indicator to go away, I'm okay with this.

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    Jay Randall

    I was actually just going through a bill and thinking it was confusing but didn't care because I am still saving about 75/mo over my sprint bill that had a 27% employer discount.   When low and behold I checked my email after looking at my bill and they are making it better!  Well *Bleep-ety Bleep* I can't even believe it!  Also I just called to switch a phone because with the savings I can afford one and they now updated the site to be able to do that.  So far soooo impressed with Ting!

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