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Ting Release Notes: Jul 17, 2013

Last updated by Brad Coates

Sorry for posting this late! The following changes went live on July 11th.

  • New Ting homepage. We have this set up so only 10% of people hit the page while typing in (testing purposes), the hyperlink provided will take you to the new homepage. 
  • Stopped asking for the full SSN when submitting a number port, we will now only requite the last 4 digits. 
  • Added a feature for Verizon customers to calculate savings with Ting. Once Verizon is select from "Who is your carrier?" at the calculator page,  a window will appear allowing that customer to login; we will then populate the calculator automatically for them. 
  • Improved manual payment process. If you have an outstanding bill you can head over to "Your Account" > "Settings" > "Billing info" where you can then pay the balance and have your service restored (removing the need to call in) 
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