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Ting Release Notes: April 2nd, 2014.

Last updated by Brad Coates

The following changes went live as of April 2nd, 2014. 

- Ting now supports the ability to "Login with Amazon" to sign in or sign up. This also allows us to offers the ability for Amazon customers to purchase a device via Ting, as well pay their monthly bill all through their Amazon billing information.

-  Introduced a new BYOD page to help clarify/explain the Bring Your Own Sprint Device campaign. 

- Implemented a real time ESN checker. Someone who is not sure if their phone can make the switch to Ting can now enter in an ESN, complete a captcha and see a real time response. 

- Redesigned the Ting site navigation 

- Alert emails are being switched over to HTML. 

- Further updates and iteration to our BYOD activation process. 

- Further updates and iteration to our Ting activation process.  

- Add Taxes & Fees Breakdown to PDF bill 

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