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Ting Release Notes: March 24, 2015.

Last updated by Brad Coates

Sorry for the lack of updates, we've been very busy with our GSM launch as well as handling some Sprint changes. I promise you all we will stay up to date with this moving forward. 

We had a smaller release today, the changes are as follows: 

  • Long distance calling is now available for our GSM customers. 
  • Redesign SIM card purchasing - Sprint has an ever growing list of SIM cards, we created a much friendlier purchase path for anyone hoping to BYOD and pick up a SIM. 
  • USPS tracking information - We will now email out our tracking information for USPS shipments.
  • USPS shipping option for SIM cards - We will now display the USPS selection when someone is selecting a shipping method for one of our SIM cards.
  • Various bug fixes and backend changes. 


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