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Ting Release Notes: April 15, 2015.

Last updated by Brad Coates

The following changes went live as of April 14th. 

  • Redesigned the Shop page to allowing us to separate GSM and CDMA devices.
  • Added the ability to directly link to external sites for device purchasing
  • Cleaned up the device detail pages to highlight things like determining whether or not a SIM card is included, shipping dates, and CDMA/GSM device availability.
  • Removed references to the GSM beta. We are officially out of Beta, we will continue to improve our GSM experience. 
  • Launched new Ting Help Center categorization. 
  • Updated our timeline on
  • Launched Ting status page allowing customers to check in on things like: Ting website, mobile service, shipping/returns, and customer support. 




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