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Ting Release Notes: May 12, 2015.

Last updated by Brad Coates

The following changes went live as of May 12th. 

  • Reworked our BYOD compatibility checker: We can now accept any MEID/IMEI/ESN/HEX/DEC all in one field. We'll be giving back GSM or CDMA results based on the serial number. In cases like the iPhone 5c/5s/6/6+ and Nexus 5/6 we will display back both results as these devices can be activated on both of our networks. 
  • Clarify that GSM SIM cards cannot be reactivated: We had some older copy on our dashboard that was tailored to CDMA but not GSM activations. Our Ting GSM SIM cards cannot be reactivated once they are deactivated/ported out, we not properly communicate this in our dashboard and activation path. 
  • Integrated the new one click reCaptcha Version 2 to our BYOD page
  • Updated the Ting About page to include our recent internet exposure. 




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