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Domestic and international surcharges with Ting


Last updated by Evan Heics

International long distance

Ting offers calling to 60+ countries at no additional charge! Calling India is the same price as calling Indianapolis, just pay for your underlying Ting minutes used each month.

Still looking for more and are willing to pay for it? Ting still offers an 80 country option for $9 per line (see the full list below).

Calls to countries that aren't included on either list (or to mobile phones in countries where landline-only long distance fees are waived) will still be charged the applicable per-minute rate.

What’s included for all Ting customers?

Make sure that International calling is enabled on your Ting Dashboard.




What’s included in the 80 country option for $9?

The 80 country option for $9 includes everything from the 60+ mentioned above PLUS  surcharge-free calling to landlines and mobile phones in these countries:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • France
  • French Guiana
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Lithuania
  • Poland
  • Portugal

AND surcharge-free calling to landlines only in these countries

  • Bahrain
  • Bangladesh
  • Bulgaria
  • San Marino
  • Slovenia
  • Uzbekistan
  • Zabima

What about text messages?

There is no additional charge for sending texts to an international long distance number. You can also receive texts from an international long distance number for no extra charge. Our text messaging rates remain the same as long as you are in the US.

Traveling outside the US

Ting supports international roaming for both CDMA and GSM. For our supported countries and rates please check out our international rates page for more details


Directory assistance

You can access Directory Assistance by dialing 411. A $1 per call charge will be applied to your monthly bill. This $1 charge is in addition to the minutes used on the call.


Emergency 911 calls

Your monthly service fee includes a mandatory 911 charge and there are no per usage fees to use 911.

Even if your account isn't active, you'll be able to call 911. By law, all wireless carriers are required to connect emergency calls, regardless of whether the account is active or not.


1. Can I make international long distance calls?

Yes. Visit our International Calling page to see a current list of rates when calling other countries.

2. Is there anything I need to do to so that I can make international long distance calls?

Yes. Make sure Allow international long distance calls is enabled on your account. This feature is controlled per device.

3. How do I make an international long distance call?

You may need to look up the dialing codes for the country and city that you're calling. You can find these easily online by searching "calling (city, country) from the United States." These sites will walk you through the dialing codes necessary to make your long distance call.

4. Are there any surcharges for making international long distance calls?

Surcharges apply when calling destinations outside your respective Ting ILD plan. To see a list of the rates to call different countries check out our applicable per-minute rates.

5. Are there any extra charges for receiving international long distance calls?

No. You will simply be charged for your usage if someone calls you from an international long distance number while you are in the US.

6. Can I block the long distance calling features?

Yes, you can block the ability to make long distance calls on a per device basis from the Device settings in your Ting account online. To do this, make sure you're signed in, then select your phone and disable Allow international long distance calls.




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  • Avatar
    Jack Powers

    You didn"t mention regulatory rates like taxes and fees.

  • Avatar
    Marty M

    Hi Jack.  Taxes depend on your local and state regulations and are separate from surcharges.  

    You can find out more about the taxes here:

  • Avatar
    Bruce Osborne

    I have found Ting's taxes & surcharges to be lower than Sprint's charges were.

    Of course, YMMV.

  • Avatar
    David Kleikamp

    My wife and I returned from a trip to the US Virgin Islands and didn't get charged any surcharges for calls, texts, or data. This isn't a complaint! I'm just wondering if the outside_usa page is out of date.

  • Avatar
    Ting Help

    Hi David!  It can take a bit of time for international information to come through to our system, so it should turn out that those surcharges will appear on your next bill.  Hope I didn't burst your bubble!  If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

  • Avatar
    David Kleikamp

    Oh well, it's not like I wasn't expecting them in the first place. Thanks for the quick reply.

  • Avatar
    Bruce Osborne

    On many phones, you also have to enable International calling on the phone too. I was told to select Global mode on my Nexus 5.


  • Avatar
    John Franaszek

    We need the ability to disable directory assistance calls since this is a feature that can easily be abused resulting in a much larger bill than anticipated.

  • Avatar
    Bruce Osborne


    Start a new thread under "Feature Requests". That is where Ting looks for ideas like this.

  • Avatar
    Nanthakishore Baskaran

    It starts with "For the summer,". That means, Does this Surcharge free calling to 60 countries applicable only for this summer? Do we need to start paying surcharge after 2017 summer?

  • Avatar
    Mitch Surprenant

    Hey Nanthakishore,

    I just spoke with the product manager on this, and he confirmed it's a promotion for the summer. We're going to see what the response is like and how well it works. If it's a successful promotion, we might end up keeping it around for longer than that, but we'll see!

  • Avatar
    Nanthakishore Baskaran

    Hello Mitch,
    I have been using the global minutes for the last few days. The call quality is not so good for international calls. I think, it is going thru some kind of VOIP service. I don't mind paying reasonable surcharge (or monthly package fee) for good international call quality.

  • Avatar
    Mitch Surprenant


    The calls are routed the same way, regardless of which program you use. 

    Is the quality different per destination? Or is it all destinations where the quality is low?

    We may want to discuss this with you further so we can get more details. Send an email to Let me know here when you do that, and I'll keep an eye out for it and grab it.

    Edited by Mitch Surprenant
  • Avatar
    Nanthakishore Baskaran

    Hello Mitch
    I just sent you an email ( with Mitch in the subject line.

  • Avatar
    Mitch Surprenant

    Thanks! I'll keep an eye out for it and we'll go from there!

  • Avatar
    Suemi Mendez

    Unrelated to this wonderful offer that I'll be taking full advantage of, but you used the Cuban flag to represent Puerto Rico.

  • Avatar
    R. Bryce Wong

    Oh my, thanks for pointing that out Suemi! I'm going to message our team to get that fixed!

  • Avatar
    Nanthakishore Baskaran

    Is this promotion still valid for this summer only? It looks like, the ( not saying any thing about validity (Till summer).

  • Avatar
    R. Bryce Wong

    Hi Nanthakishore, right now it is still only for the summer. No new news yet on if it is staying around yet. We'll probably hear news about what's going to happen soon though.

  • Avatar
    Johan Sjostrand
    Edited by Johan Sjostrand
  • Avatar
    Mitch Surprenant

    Hi Johan,

    There are no extra charges. If someone calls you from an international phone number, and you are located in the US, you will only be charged regular Ting minutes for the phone call.

    This is stipulating that there are no surcharges on your Ting bill because you received an international phone call while you're in the US.

  • Avatar
    Johan Sjostrand

    Thanks. Should've read the headline of the page...

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