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Am I Billed for Calls to Ting?


Last updated by Isabel M

The short answer is, no.

The slightly longer answer is this:  when you call our 1-855 number from your Ting device, that usage will show up on your bill, but it's not counted and we don't charge you for it.

So if Sally has 95 minutes of usage and then makes a 20 minute call to Ting, she'll still be billed for the small (100 minute) bucket at the end of her billing cycle. Her call to Ting will show up in her billing detail but it won't have been counted towards her usage.

We realize this can be a little confusing, but we think it's a lot more confusing to just disappear calls from your usage log.

If you're roaming internationally when you call Ting, then you'll be billed roaming charges, but the call time won't be counted in your usage. Of course, if you call Ting from a mobile device that's not on our service, you'll be billed by the carrier associated with that device.

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