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Reverse 911 Calls & Messaging


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Reverse 911 Systems are used by counties to provide residents with phone, text or email notification of emergency situations, or other situations that warrant community notification, such as major weather events. These systems are set up and run at the county--not the network--level, and automatically include traditional landlines. If you'd like your Ting mobile number to be included, you will need to opt in by registering the number with your county's Reverse 911 System.

How do I know if my county has a Reverse 911 System?

You can either search online for "reverse 911 system + your county" or check your county's website. Not all areas have a Reverse 911 System so confirm with your county to be sure.

How do I register my Ting number with my county's Reverse 911 System?

Once you've confirmed that your county does have a Reverse 911 System, they will generally provide a form online for registering numbers not automatically included. If they don't, you'll want to get in touch with county to find out how to register your number.

Am I charged for Reverse 911 calls, texts or emails?

Yes. Standard rates apply for calls and texts coming from your county's Reverse 911 System. If you receive notification by email, it will depend on whether or not your phone downloads the message while connected to the data network or if you're connected to a Wi-Fi network at the time.

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