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FAQ: Mobile Rates


Last updated by Isabel M

1. How much will I save with Ting?

On average, customers pay $23 a month, but it varies based on your usage. The best way to find out what you'll save with Ting is to take our Savings Calculator for a spin.

2. Are there any activation fees?

No. We bill you for what you use, not for signing up.

3. Does Ting have contracts?

No! While we hate breaking up as much as anyone else, you're not married to us. You're free to leave whenever you like.

4. How many devices can I have on my account?

As many as you'd like. For each active phone on your account, there's a $6 monthly line fee.

5. Does Ting have family or unlimited plans?

No. We're all about being really transparent about what you're billed. When carriers offer unlimited plans, they build in the cost of that as much as they can; it's just not very clear. With Ting, you can use as much as you like and we'll just bill you for that. If you've been on an unlimited plan and you want to get an idea of what you'll be paying with Ting, our Savings Calculator will still be of use to you. Your current carrier should break down your actual usage for voice minutes, text messages and gigabytes of data on your monthly bill even on an unlimited plan. Enter your actual monthly usage into the Ting calculator to see if making the move to Ting makes sense for you.

6. Does Ting have business plans?

Yes. You'll get our same great rates, help with setting up your account if you need it and more. If you're hoping to open a business account with Ting, click here for more information.

7. What services do I get on Ting?

The services you'll pay for are voice calls (incoming and outgoing), text messages (incoming and outgoing), and data. To see specific rates, click here.

The services that come included are:  voicemail, caller ID, the ability to hide your caller ID from others, call waiting, call forwarding, tethering/hotspotting (data must be enabled) and picture messaging (data must be enabled or Wi-Fi available).

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  • Avatar
    Travis LeRoy

    An excellent article! Thank you for all your hard work in the forums.

    1 - Will you please fix the missing "click here" link under item 7 above?

    2 - Will you please write an article explaining how your automated billing system works, and how we all (us and you) benefit from the cost savings inherent in that system?

  • Avatar
    Isabel M

    Thanks, Travis!

    1 - Done! Thank you for the heads up.

    2 - Added to our list.

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    Bruce Osborne
  • Avatar
    Dave Trevino

    Think the one thing which would make Ting a better value while still fitting with the business model, would be to raise the upper limit at least of the "small" tier. I find my wife's phone service is usually small (mins), med (texts), M (data), but the values are generally right on the line between small and medium. Be nice if the cut overs were 200 vs 100.

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