As part of our ongoing mission to make mobile make sense, Ting, with the help of Amazon, now offers you three ways to streamline your life (you like streamlining, right?):

  • Login with Amazon
  • Pay with Amazon for device purchases
  • Pay with Amazon for monthly bills

You can use one or all of these options. Using Pay with Amazon doesn't require you to use Login with Amazon or vice versa. Use the ones that work for you!

Note:  Two-factor authentication cannot be used with Login with Amazon.


Login with Amazon

Now, you may sign in with an email address and password on, you can sign in using your login credentials instead. The email address on your account will be the email address we use to keep in touch with you (for billing or any help requests you open with us).

Using Login with Amazon connects your existing account with your Ting account so you only have to remember one set of credentials.

If you already have a Ting account, you'll be prompted for your Ting password the first time you use Login with Amazon to authenticate and link the two accounts.

If you're using Login with Amazon, there are a few things to keep in mind:
  1. If your Ting account has a different email address from your account, you'll need to change one of them so that they match or the login with Amazon function won't link your two accounts.
  2. If you change your email address, you should update it on your Ting account as well in the account settings; if you're having trouble getting signed in, get in touch so we can help you out.
If you've always signed into Ting using Login with Amazon and you decide you want to set up Ting login credentials, you'll need to set a password. To do so, simply go to Ting's Sign in page and click "I forgot my password". Enter the email address you have set up for your Ting and Amazon accounts. A password reset link will be sent to you and you can now set your password for the first time.
If you want to disable Login with Amazon for your Ting account, go to your account and navigate to Settings > Manage > Login with Amazon. Ting will be in your list of connections and you can remove it from there.

Pay for purchases with Amazon

The Pay with Amazon option in the order flow allows you purchase devices using your billing information. Some things to remember if you use Pay with Amazon

  1. Your payment is processed entirely through Amazon--not Ting.
  2. Using Pay with Amazon for a device purchase does not add any billing information to your Ting account; this is a one-time billing agreement for your device purchase only.
  3. Because your order payment is being processed by, Ting can't make any changes to your order once you've placed it. You'll have the option to update shipping information while you're placing your order through a widget that connects you to your account. If you want to change anything about your order after the fact, contact us here at Ting so we can cancel the order for you. After that you can make any necessary updates on your account, and then place a new order on
  4. If you run into any trouble with your credit card payment during the purchase process, you'll want to get in touch with Amazon so they can resolve that for you.
  5. Your Ting email address doesn't have to be the same as your email address to use Pay with Amazon. 

Pay with Amazon for monthly bills

You can also choose Pay with Amazon to pay your monthly Ting bills using your billing information. This creates what's called a "recurring billing agreement" with for your monthly bills. When you pay your recurring Ting bills using Pay with Amazon, you'll get notification of bill payments both from Ting and Ting email address doesn't have to be the same as your email address to use Pay with Amazon.

To set this up just go to the account settings page of your Ting account online, scroll down to the Billing section and then click the edit icon. When the pop-up appears, click Pay with Amazon and follow the prompts to set up your Amazon Payment for Ting.


You can also set up recurring Pay with Amazon billing in the course of activating a device. If you already have billing information on file, that will come up by default in the activation flow. Just click "Edit". You'll be asked to confirm your address and then you'll see this page below where you can choose to Pay with Amazon.

Disabling pay with Amazon for monthly bills

You can change your billing back to having a credit card on file anytime by simply logging into your Ting account and placing a Visa, MC, American Express or Discover card on file. After that, you'll want to follow the steps below to revoke your Pay with Amazon recurring billing agreement.

  1. go to and sign in
  2. Click "Edit My Account Settings"
  3. Click the "Manage my payment authorizations" link
  4. Under Subscriptions, find Ting and then click on Details to the far right
  5. Click Cancel Authorization
  6. Click Confirm

This tells the system to start taking payments from the new card you've put on file on and not your Amazon billing information. Without this step, the system will continue to use your Pay with Amazon information. 

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