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Activating your feature phone


Last updated by Isabel M

While we can't provide specific instructions for all devices or all manufacturers, we do have some generic steps you can try complete the activation on the Ting network. Menu names and structures may vary on your device.

Click the link below that applies to you:

Completing Activation on the CDMA Network

The first thing you will need to do is ensure that voice, and text messaging are all working properly on your device. To do this, a Carrier Wipe, and Profile & PRL update may be required. Some of the steps below will require your MSL and MSID; these are in the activation email that you received from Ting. You can also find this information in the Device Settings of your Ting account online. Please follow the steps below:


1a. Carrier Wipe for Feature Phones

  1. Open the dialer
  2. Dial ##MSL# (The MSL is a 6-digit number emailed to you by Ting upon the activation of your handset)
  3. Touch Edit
  4. Enter your 10 digit phone number
  5. *NOTE even if the 10-digit phone number is already listed, you should still back it out and re-enter it.
  6. Touch "OK"
  7. Clear all the zeroes and enter the MSID number (received in the email by Ting upon activation of your handset)
  8. Touch "OK"
  9. Touch "Done", the phone will reboot (if it does not reboot, do so manually)

If you have a smartphone, the instructions above may not apply. The following generic instructions may apply to your device, although menu names and structures may vary.

1b. Carrier Wipe

  1. Open the dialer
  2. Dial # # 72786 #
  3. Enter your Master Subsidy Lock (MSL) (a 6 digit number emailed to you by Ting upon the activation of your handset)
  4. Touch "OK", phone will restart

2. System Update

  1. Touch the “Application” icon
  2. Touch “Settings”
  3. Touch “System updates” (on some devices the System updates option might be in another Settings menu such as "Other" or "About phone")
  4. If it says "No updates available" you may not be connected to the internet. Make sure your WiFi is enabled and connected. You also may need to change your WiFi sleep policy, check it out here.

3. Profile Update

  1. Touch the “Application” icon
  2. Touch “Settings”
  3. Touch “System updates” (on some devices the System updates option might be in another Settings menu such as "Other" or "About phone")
  4. Touch "Update Profile"
  5. The device will restart when complete

4. PRL Update

  1. Touch the “Application” icon
  2. Touch “Settings”
  3. Touch “System updates" (on some devices the System updates option might be in another Settings menu such as "Other" or "About phone")
  4. Touch “Update PRL”
  5. Wait for the PRL update to complete, then touch “OK”
  6. If your device does not restart after the PRL update, restart it

Once your device restarts, 3G data, voice, and text messaging should be enabled. If your device supports picture messaging, you should follow the additional steps below.


If the steps above have still not helped in activating your device we suggest the follow:

  1. Open up the email you recieved form Ting upon activation
  2. Listed near the bottom will be your MSID and MSL number
  3. On your device enter ##MSL# (The MSL number is in the email)
  4. Select Edit
  5. Enter your phone number and hit "OK"
  6. Clear all the zeros and enter in your MSID (The MSID number is in the email)
  7. Restart your device, 3G, MMS and LTE (if your device supports it) should now be functional


Picture Messaging Settings

Once your device is confirmed to be activated and you have voice, text messaging and 3G data (if applicable) working, you’ll need to manually program your picture messaging settings. Before you begin, please log into your account at In the Ting dashboard, select your device, and ensure you have checked off "Can send/receive pictures, videos and group messages".

Certain feature phones require a 'Camera URL' to be specified. The Ting Camera URL settings are:

To update this follow the steps below:

  1. Open the dialer
  2. Dial # #3282# (# #DATA#)
  3. Touch Picture Mail
  4. Touch Picture URL
  5. Touch Edit
  6. Enter your MSL (a 6 digit number emailed to you by Ting upon the activation of your handset) and touch "OK"
  7. Change URL to
  8. Restart Phone

If you have a 4G WiMax device, you should follow the additional steps below. If you have an LTE device, your phone is ready and you do not need to configure 4G LTE data.


4G WiMax Settings

*for 4G LTE devices, no further action is required*

Once your device is confirmed to be activated and you have voice, text messaging and 3G data working, you’ll need to manually program your 4G WiMax settings to be able to access 4G data speeds, if supported by your device.

  1. Open the dialer
  2. Dial # #3282# (# #DATA#)
  3. Touch "View"
  4. Touch "WiMax"
  5. Enter your MSL (a 6 digit number emailed to you by Ting upon the activation of your handset) and touch "OK"
  6. Touch "Realm"
  7. Press the hardware menu button (The page button located on handset in the bottom left corner of the device)
  8. Touch "Write Rlm"
  9. Enter "" and touch "Save" (Note: It will only say "Realm:" in this field)
  10. Restart Phone

Once the phone restarts, assuming you are in a 4G capable area, you should be able to use 4G data.


If you have tried all the options and are still having problems, get in touch so we can help you out.

Completing Activation on the GSM Network

Following are basic instructions for feature phones, however some feature phones will have their APN settings hard-coded so that they cannot be changed. If that's the case, you will not be able to get data on that device.

  1. Press the Menu button
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Connection
  4. Select Access Points
  5. Select New
  6. Enter APN settings
    • Name: Ting
    • APN:  wholesale
    • Leave username and password blank
  7. Select Done/Save

If you are still having problems, get in touch so we can help you out.

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  • Avatar
    Andrew Neussendorfer

    Got Sanyo S1 activated and working today.

    Had to manually update the phone with the new number and MSID.

    Used this article to help.

    One thing that i did notice was that the MSID was not included in either of the activation emails. Calling ting support, i was able to get that.

  • Avatar
    Adam Lombard

    This was helpful but they should really tell you you MUST do this while on the phone with support... MSID is not accessable anywhere including the emails Ting sent me, if it was this would have been a flawless swap. Please include this in the future emails.

  • Avatar
    Doug Currey

    Just transferred my two lines from Sprint over the weekend.  My Katana on Friday and my wifes Lotus Elite on Sunday.  Received two emails when completed.  Both  lines took about 5 hours..

    One was "Your (device name) has been activated"  General welcome message.

    Second was "Success your Sprint device is now a Ting device"  This email contained the Serial number, MSID number and the MSL number.

    MSID number did have some extra 00000 in it.  I just dropped them and enter what looked like a phone number. 

  • Avatar
    Brad Coates

    Just added the steps to account for the "MSID" method. Thanks everyone.

  • Avatar
    Adam Lombard

    Glad your email had it Doug, I spoke to support today and they sent it to my email by hand. I re-checked both my emails and did not find the MSID in either, Serial, phone number and MSL were all there but no MSID. Again not a huge deal but would have been hard should I had needed my transferred phone on a weekend.

  • Avatar
    Jeff Bineham

    This set of steps helped me to import my phone, which is an unlisted/unsupported device. Thank you. I used the first set of steps: "Carrier Wipe for Feature Phones." Two points of clarification, based on my experience: (1) I received one email with my MSL number and a second one later with my MSID number. You cannot complete this process until you have both numbers. (2) Items 4 and 5 refer to your nine digit phone number, but they should refer to your ten digit phone number.

  • Avatar
    Andrew Costen

    Good point Jeff. I've changed it to "10 digits" in both Items 4 and 5.

    One quick note for anyone else reading, MSL and MSID numbers are now also both available in the Ting Dashboard when selecting a particular device under Your Devices.

  • Avatar
    Matthew Bowen

    Ok, might want to add an explanation/disclaimer about what they might need to do/why they are dumped at

    Makes sense now, but here is the email:

    Well done! You just activated your Sanyo 3810 (SCP-3810).

    Its phone number is

    Generally your device will be ready to use in a few minutes

    but in some cases you may need to wait up to 24 hours for your

    device to be fully activated.


    Your Device and Subscription Settings

    Here are the important details related to your device and


    Mobile Phone Number:


    Serial Number:

    MSL #:

    If you haven't already, now might be a good time to visit

    your device settings at to enable

    certain features such as SMS, voicemail, Internet access,

    and more.

    We hope you enjoy your new Sanyo 3810 (SCP-3810)!

    Maybe it was the 3 day weekend causing me to be slow, but if you could clarify those extra steps may be needed in the email it might help some people.


    Thanks & keep up the great work!

  • Avatar
    Dana Morrison

    I was able to successfully activate a Samsung M240. The phone had a TerraCom wireless sticker on it (I got it new on eBay for 21 including shipping). Normal programming didn't work, but using ##000000# instead of the Ting MSL did work.

  • Avatar
    Belinda Barlet

    Dug out a REALLY old Sprint Sanyo SCP 8400 phone and ported my number over from Verizon. Like Doug Currey I had to drop some zeros off the MSID that I was emailed, but other than that, it was a piece of cake. So very happy to get to save some money! Thanks Ting!

  • Avatar
    Nathan Hare

    You have a typo at the bottom of your post. 1-800-TING-FTW gets you to a scam free trip to the bahamas hotline. Either that or I just passed up an awesome oppurtunity.

  • Avatar
    Henry Abey

    Hi Nathan, thanks for letting us know! I've had it updated.

  • Avatar
    Michele Lett

    I'm trying to perform the carrier wipe and just keep getting an error message "invalid lock code". Please help, this is my only phone, I can't go until Monday with no service!

  • Avatar
    Brennan V

    Hi Michele, we received your email help request. Look out for a response soon.

  • Avatar
    Alison Spencer

    Did all the steps for a Sanyo feature phone ..including dropping off those leading extra zeroes from the MSID.  Now I can make calls but texting still wont work--get immediate error message of "Failed General Problems, Cause Code 107"

  • Avatar
    Henry Abey

    Hi Alison, I've sent you an e-mail so we can troubleshoot this together. Please check your inbox when you can.

    For all urgent requests, please reach out to us here.

  • Avatar
    Randy Schlack

    I got my active Sprint Sanyo Vero onto Ting overnight and just now finished activation using the above "Carrier Wipe for Feature Phones" procedure.  Then I tested calls and texts in both directions.  Piece of cake!  Suggested change for step 7: change "Clear all the zeroes and enter the MSID number" to "Enter the MSID number (less leading zeros)".  The zeros in the field prior to entering the MSID are automatically cleared when the first digit of the MSID is entered, so the wording was confusing, especially when I entered the 5 leading zeros on the MSID, and the number didn't fit.

    One nagging question: no place in my phone can I truly VERIFY that I am on Ting and still not on Sprint.  How can I know for absolute certain that I am?  Why?  'Cuz I'm about to cancel forever my Sprint account that I've had for over 15 years before they start another $50 month's service for me 24 hours from now, and we certainly don't want THAT to happen.

    Thanks, folks!  Ting has got me "Tingling" with joy so far, and I've got 4 more family members champing at the bit to join Ting with me, so what IS the frequency, Kenneth?  (I.e., the answer to my question just above).

    Thanks for being there!

  • Avatar
    Courtney W

    Thanks for the suggestion, Randy.

    I can completely understand the need to be certain you've moved over from Sprint, and seeing how we use Sprint's network and towers, your phone still displays "Sprint" in quite a few places. To give you some peace of mind about it: I can see the phones on your account, and they are listed with us. To be 100% clear, if you've moved your phone numbers over to Ting and there is nothing left in your Sprint account, you could always double check with Sprint that everything is closed off with them and go through the process to close off your account.

    From our end, everything looks good. Glad to hear you're tingling with joy! 

  • Avatar
    Henry Yen

    @Randy, you could use the phone (calls, texts) a bit, and see that they show up as usage on your Ting Dashboard/devices page.

  • Avatar
    Randy Schlack

    Thanks again, Folks!  It was easier than I thought, though my internet went down for 24 hours while I sweated about being billed again by Sprint.  I finally got onto my Sprint account, and it said "0 devices," and that pretty much cinched it for me, BUT, I still called Sprint to cancel the account (it still had my credit card info and such).  THAT was the hardest part.  Nowhere on the Sprint site do they let you do it online and nowhere do they list the "Service" phone number ... they just say "hit *2 on your phone," but it didn't work on my phone since it wasn't on Sprint anymore.  So I used my nephew's Sprint phone and finally got the job done just minutes ago.  I'm going out to Burger King for some sweet potato fries and a lemonade to celebrate!  Holy Moly, I'm FREE at last of Sprint's shackles!

    BTW, everything works on my new "Ting" phone except text messaging with a photo.  I'm still working on that one (it did work on Sprint).  The internet works, but on my simple phone with a 2.4" screen, it's not worth using it.

  • Avatar
    Samantha C

    Hi Randy, thanks for replying! I'm glad you were able to contact Sprint and confirm your account has been cancelled with them.

    To ensure you're able to send and receive picture & video messages, let's first make sure those services are enabled under your account. To do so, please log into your Ting account, go to Device Settings, select the device you wish to manage and make sure the checkboxes "Can access the internet" and "Can send and receive picture & video messages" are checked.

    After enabling those services, we'll need to update the MMSC URL on your phone to the one we use.

    Please visit the link below and go to the "Picture Messaging Settings" section for instructions on how to do it:

  • Avatar
    Debbie Doeren

    I am beyond frustrated. I can send and receive text messages but pics are still not working and I have followed the instructions listed above. Not sure what else to do and why it worked last week and now it won't work. 

    What else can I do to get MMS to work on my phone? It is a HCT EVO shift......please help me. :/

  • Avatar
    Samantha C

    Hi Debbie,  If you have confirmed that your MMS URL is set properly and that the feature is enabled on your phone, perform a profile update on your device. Also look for an email with troubleshooting steps from a member of our support team.   

  • Avatar
    Debbie Doeren

    I did all of those steps and I still cannot send or receive pictures. :/

  • Avatar
    Samantha C

    Hey Debbie, I see Renny is working with you on getting this up and running. Respond back to his email so he can help you out.

  • Avatar
    Randy Schlack

    Thanks for all your help, Sam!  I've just "Ting'd" TWO MORE Sanyo Veros (and delisted one that I broke - darn!) in the last 24 hours and now have got the procedure down PAT!  Here's my checklist: once the ESN has been entered and the phone reset, I do these 5 steps: 1 - set the phone settings in my Ting account to check "internet" and "pic/vid msgs"; 2 - do "feature phone carrier wipe"; 3 - do "profile update"; 4 - do "PRL update"; 5 - do "MMSC URL update."  That's all there is to it!  It's fast once you know all the steps!

    I have THREE MORE Sanyo Veros to bring to Ting in the next two weeks, for a total of SIX, so you can see we LOVE these phones, and so far we LOVE Ting too!

    Thanks again!


  • Avatar
    Jeffrey Franklin

    These instructions will not work if you have a Sanyo 7300 (maybe even the 4900, 5150, 5300, 8100, etc too).

    You have to replace the final # in the command with the Menu/OK button, followed by the Down Arrow, and then the Menu/OK button.

    So, to enter your MSL to do the carrier reset you do:

    #+#+MSL+Menu/OK+Down Arrow+Menu/OK

    Likewise to get to the advanced settings for the MMS setup:

    #+#+3+2+8+2+Menu/OK+Down Arrow+Menu/OK


    Hope this helps someone, I spent days trying to figure out why I couldn't activate it and Ting support was equally stumped.  I eventually found this page with the information that has info for other feature phones as well:


  • Avatar
    Paraic O

    Hey Jeffrey!

    That's awesome. Thank you for posting! Just for the sake of clarity however, can you advise us about the '+' that you have in there? Are you entering a + or are you using it as an 'and'? Example # and # and then MSL and then Menu/OK.


  • Avatar
    Jeffrey Franklin

    Hi Paraic,

    Yes, the + just means 'and', sorry for the confusion.  I don't see a way to edit the post, but it was the only way I could think of the distinguish between individual keys and 'named' keys like the Menu/OK button and the 'Down Arrow'.

    Using spaces to separate the key presses would be:

    # 3 2 8 2 Menu/OK DownArrow Menu/OK

    So, 9 key presses total.


    # MSL Menu/OK DownArrow Menu/OK

    So 11 key presses total for a 6 digit MSL.

    Hope that clarifies things.

    For what it's worth, nothing is displayed after the first Menu/OK press so the 'Down Arrow' isn't selecting from a menu or anything, it's just part of the key sequence.

  • Avatar
    Paraic O

    That's perfect. Thanks for taking the time to clarify that, it's really appreciated :)