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Activating your HTC Arrive


Last updated by Isabel M

Profile and PRL Update

  1. Disable Wi-Fi and enable data
  2. Go to and touch the "Settings" app
  3. Scroll down and touch "Cellular"
  4. Make sure Data Connection is on
  5. Touch "Change Network Profile" for update.
  6. Touch "Close"
  7. Touch "Change PRL" for update
  8. Touch "Close"

Once your HTC Arrive is confirmed to be activated, you should have voice, text messaging and 3G data all working.

In the ting dashboard, select your device, and ensure you have checked off "Can send/receive pictures, videos and group messages" if you'd like to use mms messaging.


If you have tried all the options and are still having problems, get in touch.

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  • Avatar
    Mike Brinkerhoff

    Thanks!  I plan to bring 2 Arrives over to Ting later this month, and was hoping someone had already paved the way for me!

  • Avatar
    Karl Cramer

    Can confirm it works and was easy. Looking forward to getting the latest and greatest Windows Phone one day, but for now I'm more than happy to save some money instead and keep using my HTC Arrive. (Plus I still like using a keyboard.)

  • Avatar
    Daniel Lee

    I've also had my arrive (T7575) moved over to ting for about 2 months now and it's working fine... Or at least as well as it did on Sprint's network.

  • Avatar
    Kevin Meier

    will these instructions work for a HTC 8XT? curious if we can bring WP8 devices over, even though the whitelist has not been updated?

  • Avatar
    Siham M

    Hey Kevin. It would be slightly different for the HTC 8XT; you can only update the Profile by going into:

    Settings -> Network profile update -> Update profile -> Done (there is no PRL update option).

    Apart from that, the MMS reset should still be the same. I see that you have an open help request so I will follow up with you there.

  • Avatar
    Hunter Mills

    Siham, where you able to help Kevin out with activating the 8XT? I would really appreciate help because I also have noticed that the white-list does not include this device.

  • Avatar
    Siham M

    Hi Hunter,

    Because the 8XT is not listed on our whitelist, it cannot be brought over to Ting at this point,. The steps provided would work for a device that is already attached to an account.

  • Avatar
    Amanda Brown

    This is not working for me at all! I have an htc arrive t7575 and I have reset several times. I I have linked it up to zune, looking for a change network profile app and have spent hours of research trying to get this phone up and running. Right now I can only make phone calls and send plain text. I can't access the internet or send or receive any media via texting. No data at all. I have enabled everything on my ting account. When I try to change network setting, I get a message that my carrier will not allow a network profile change. Do I need to sell my phone on ebay and start over.

  • Avatar
    Renny M

    Hi Amanda,

    If you're having trouble with your HTC Arrive, check out this thread if you haven't already. I see that you have sent in a help request, be on the look out for an email!