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Activating a CDMA BYOD Device by Swapping a Number


Last updated by Christian Robinette

So you checked out our handy compatibility checker and got your own very cool BYOD-eligible device to bring over to Ting. The following steps will show you how to add that device to your account and activate it by swapping a number from one of the other devices already on your Ting account.


1. Go to and click activate on the nav bar.

2. Click Sign in instead.



3. Sign into your Ting account.



4. Click on add another device and enter the ESN or MEID of the device you're bringing to Ting. Then click Check compatibility.


5. If prompted, enter your device's SIM card number or ICCID here and click Continue.



6. Choose use an existing Ting number, select the number you want to swap from the drop down, and click Next Step.



7. Confirm your billing information and click Continue.



8. Check all your details one more time, read and agree to the Terms of Service and then click continue.




Follow the steps on this page to complete your activation and get your device working on the network. You can also find your device on the Ting device guide for activation help.

If you moved from another CDMA device your number is now swapped and you can start using your phone right away once activated. We'll remind you of your billing cycle, but your billing cycle will be the same as it is for all your other devices and is set by the first device you activated.

Your old phone is now inactive with no number on it and you'll be able to find it in your Device settings with an Activate link next to it. You can reactivate that phone anytime you like.

If you've swapped your number from a GSM SIM card, your number will now need to be transferred over to our CDMA network. This will take 2-24 hours. Once your transfer completes you'll get an email from us to let you know. This email will include a link that directs you back to your final activation steps for your device.

For now, sit back and relax!


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  • Avatar
    Slim Pickens

    I don't understand why I'm not given the option to Swap.

    I only get the option to Bring your existing number to Ting


    Get a new number.


    Screen shot is attached. Please help! I lost my SGS2 today and I have a replacement phone but I'm running into this blockage while trying to reactivate.

    Thank you Ting,


  • Avatar
    Isabel M


    If you don't have any other numbers with Ting on that particular account, then swapping won't come up as an option. That option is specifically for customers who have another phone on their Ting account and want to swap the number from it to their new device. If you're looking to transfer a number from another carrier, then you'd choose the option to "Bring your existing number."

  • Avatar
    Seth Pinter

    I'm having the same problem as Slim, yet I have 2 phones on my account. My Nexus S broke and I got a replacement Galaxy Nexus. I punch in the ESN but I get no option to swap my number. Do I have to deactivate the old phone first?

  • Avatar
    Renny M

    Hi Seth,

    Once you enter in the ESN of the device and hit next step, there should be an option to "swap one of my active Ting phone numbers to this device". You should not deactivate the old phone as this will expire the phone number. I'm going to open a help request for you to make sure that your account is up and running. Keep an eye out for an email shortly.

  • Avatar
    Carol Hill

    I just received my samsung galaxy S111 that I bought from Glyde.I went o swap numbers and it said it did it,but that if I restarted my phone it should set up and activate on it's own.It seemed to do everything said was going to and it shows in my account that it is now active.However I can not call out and if I call my number it goes to voicemail but hangs up after the initial greeting.When I tried to call my husbands phone it says that my account could not be validated to please contact customer services..Please help I need a phone...

  • Avatar
    Marty M

    Hi Carol.  Your phone may just need a carrier reset.   Open dial pad and enter: # # 7 2 7 8 6 #

    Your phone should reset and go through a hands free activation.   When that completes, if you're still having problems, please open a support request and we'll troubleshoot the problem with you!

  • Avatar
    Justin Leppo

    Hi Im having the same problem as slim and seth. I bought a used Iphone 5 and wish to add it to my account using my number from my iphone 4s. I tried going through the steps you have listed but it only gives me an option to port my number or get a new one. However, I noticed if I go under my devices and select the device I wanted to switch the number from there is an option under actions to move this number to another device.  I wasn't sure if that would work because my current device wasn't "activated" yet or not or if this is just another way to do what you were doing above. Please let me know if I should just do it the way you said in which case I need someone's help to figure out why it won't give me an option to swap numbers or if I can just go under the device's number I want to switch and click move this number to another device. Thanks.

  • Avatar
    Renny M

    Hi Justin,

    I see that you have sent in a help request, I will be responding to it shortly. Keep an eye out for an email!

  • Avatar
    Laura Roeber

    I've opened a help ticket but wanted to comment that I'm having the same issue as Justin. I've attached a screen shot. It definitely doesn't give me the option of Swapping numbers like it shows in Step 6 above.

  • Avatar
    Dee Oemig

    I am having trouble activating a Google phone--Nexus 5. Anyone have experience with this?

  • Avatar
    Ting Help

    Hi there Dee!  I see that you're working with Shaun now - you're in good hands.  If anyone else is having trouble activating a Nexus 5, here's the best resource, or you can always get in touch.

  • Avatar
    Aubri A St.Clair

    it just stays on hands free activation


  • Avatar
    Felipe S

    Hey Aubri,

    The hands free activation might take up to a couple of minutes, but that should go through without any problems. If you still have issues, submit a private support request so we can look into that. 

  • Avatar
    Andrew Parker

    On step 9, it states "If you've swapped your phone number to a GSM SIM card, skip to step 12." but there is no step 12. You mean step 11, don't you?

  • Avatar
    Brad W

    Hey Andrew,

    Thanks for pointing that out, we'll get that updated right away =)

  • Avatar
    Lindsey Hooper

    Like a few previous commenters, I'm not seeing the option to use my current Ting phone number. Only seeing new number and port in from a different provider.

  • Avatar
    Brad W

    Hey Lindsey,

    If you're only seeing those two options one of two things is happening, you're not logged into your correct Ting account, or the phone is still active with another provider.

    If you choose to activate the phone with a new number in these cases you will often get an error letting you know it's active.

    If you'd like us to check, please pop into chat, send us an email or give us a call when you can.