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Activating a CDMA BYOD Device with a New Number (New Account)


Last updated by Isabel M

So you checked out our compatibility checker and got your own sweet BYOD-eligible device to bring over to Ting. The following steps will show you how to create an account, add your device to that account and activate it with a new number.


1. Go to and click Activate on the blue nav bar. If you've got a referral link, use that link to come to the site instead and then click on BYOD.


2. Click "Create a new account."


3. To create Ting login credentials, use a valid and accessible email address and create a password with at least 10 characters. Then click Sign Up.


4. Enter the ESN or MEID of the device you're bringing to Ting. Then click Check compatibility.


5. If prompted, enter your device's SIM card number or ICCID here and click Continue.


6. Click Select under Activate a brand new number. Then enter your service address and click Continue.


7. Verify your address and then click on Yes, continue.


8. If more than one area code is available for your area, choose one from the drop down and click Continue.


9. Set up credit card information directly with Ting or choose to Pay with Amazon. If you set up a credit card here, make sure that the address matches what's on your credit card statement. When you've entered all of your billing information, click Continue.


10. Check all your details one more time, take a look at the Terms of Service and agree to them and then click Continue.


11. Follow the steps on this page to complete your activation and get your device working on the network. If the steps don't work, click on the red No luck button to see more troubleshooting steps. If it does work click on the green It worked button.


12. When you've gotten your phone working and clicked on the green It worked button, your new (totally random) phone number will be displayed!

We'll also let you know when your billing cycle begins. If you've activated devices before, your billing cycle will be the same for all of them and is set by the first device you activated.

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    Brian Call

    I received my new phone a short while ago. I went to the Ting site and followed each of the steps to activate it. The final step in the process is the following..."Great! Now let's confirm you can make a call.
    Please call our test line at 1-855-865-5971 (free call) to confirm everything's working."

    I'm unable to do so, as my phone won't turn on. Do I first need to charge the battery??? Or does it come already charged and I'm doing something wrong???

    Please know that this is my first ever cell phone and as such, I seriously lack in familiarity. (I should add that I did get an email message stating that the account had been successfully activated.)

    Not sure what to do next. Please advise!!! (My thanks in advance!!!)

    Also, I wanted to let someone at TING know that I signed up with you as a result of a recommendation from one of your customers, (and a co-worker of mine) Kathy Heller.

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    Jamie Duncan

    Hey Brian!

    All you would want to do in this situation is turn the device on (it could be that the phone is off due to the battery being dead and needs a charge). Once it's on give the test phone number a call to see if the phone is working accordingly!

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