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Activating a CDMA Ting Device by Swapping a Number


Last updated by Christian Robinette

Whether your phone and the pool had an unfortunate fling or you’re just upgrading, you may want to activate your new device with a number that’s already active with Ting. The following steps will show you how to activate a new (or refurbished) Ting CDMA device by swapping a number from one of the other devices on your Ting account.


1. Go to and click Activate on the nav bar.



2. Click Sign in instead.



3. Sign into your Ting account.



4. Choose your inactive device and click select.



5. If your device takes a SIM card, the system will confirm which one you're using. Click use this SIM or activate a different SIM card.



6. Choose “Use an existing Ting number”, select the number you want to swap from the drop down and click Next Step.



7. Confirm your billing information and click Continue.



8. Check all your details one more time, read and agree to the Terms of Service and then click Continue.



9. If you've swapped your number to another CDMA device, follow the steps on this page to complete your activation and get your device working on the network. You can also find your device on the Ting device guide for activation help.

Your number is now swapped and you can start using your phone right away once activated. We'll remind you of your billing cycle, but your billing cycle will be the same as it is for all your other devices and is set by the first device you activated.

Your old phone is now inactive with no number on it and you'll be able to find it in your Device settings with an Activate link next to it. You can reactivate that phone anytime you like.

If you've swapped your phone number to a GSM SIM card, your number will now need to be transferred over to our GSM network. This will take 2-24 hours. Once your transfer completes you'll get an email from us to let you know. This email will include a link that directs you back to your final activation steps for your device.

For now, sit back and relax!


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  • Avatar
    Tracy Ryan

    You don't show all our numbers as choices ...what's the problem with correctly populating the multiple choice box?

  • Avatar
    Isabel M

    Hi Tracy,

    I've just opened a ticket for you. Keep an eye on your email.


  • Avatar
    Bertram Moshier

    I just followed these directions, but my OLD phone is still active and getting both incoming phone calls and texts, plus it is able to make phone calls. The new phone, I just activated and shows active on my account is DEAD to the network.

    How do I get the network to stop recognizing my OLD phone and accept my new phone??? Why aren't there any instructions on this page on what one should do to the OLD phone???

    I know when I was on Sprint, they had some steps to deactivate the OLD phone, but I can't remember them NOR do I know if they apply to Ting.

    1) I opened a ticket for help already BUT BEFORE realizing the OLD phone is still what the network recognizes.

    2) I'd request / suggest these instructions should discuss how to deactivate or insure the OLD phone is no longer active. PLUS what to do if the OLD phone is still active after following these instructions.

  • Avatar
    Jamie Duncan

    Hey Bertram!

    I was able to take a look into your account and find out what type of device you have. If you were going through these steps as shown above and the activation didn't work after you turned the phone off and on, it would give you more options to complete the activation (click the button where it says "no luck"). Take a look at your help request that you have sent to us, I have replied

  • Avatar
    Bertram Moshier

    Hello Jamie,

    I did use the "No Luck" and went through all of the "No Luck" buttons to the very end, when it told me to call customer service. By then it was 23:55 CST and when I called at 23:56 CST I got the message saying customer service was no longer open.

    I went back and tried the instructions all over again (including doing the last one of a factory reset for the 2nd and 3rd time).

    About 3 hours later I turned on the phone with the original number and discovered the network still recognized it!! It was able to receive and make both phone calls and text messages. Why was it still active!!?? Where are instructions on how to deactivate the phone with the original phone number?

  • Avatar
    Jamie Duncan

    Hey Bertram,

    If you take a look at your email again you will see my reply to your recent request :). The phone should deactivate once you activate the new device on your Ting account.

  • Avatar
    Bertram Moshier

    It didn't deactivate immediately. It took the network at least 4.5 hours before deactivating it and accepting the new one. Also both phones had 4 bars consistently. (The tower is less than a mile away from our apartment (which is up 3 flights of stairs.)

    I tried to do PRL and Profile updates manually and consistently got network error 470 on the new phone, BTW.

  • Avatar
    Jamie Duncan

    Looks like there was just a hiccup in the network that prevented the device from activating right away Bertram! However, glad we got the ball rolling and your services are working fine now! Thanks for keep us posted.

  • Avatar
    juan romero

    can somebody call me ? i was in the middle of activating my new phone and i got off and i alreadcut y tried calling you guys but a recording comes on my # is 402 XXXXXXXX

  • Avatar
    Jamie Duncan

    Hey Juan.

    Can you please make sure your phone is connected to WiFi and enter in ##873283# into the dialing pad of the device for me (then press call). It will start a service update and then say "service update complete" after that, reset the phone and place a phone call!