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Activating a CDMA Ting Device by Swapping a Number

Last updated by Christian Robinette

Whether your phone and the pool had an unfortunate fling or you’re just upgrading, you may want to activate your new device with a number that’s already active with Ting. The following steps will show you how to activate a new (or refurbished) Ting CDMA device by swapping a number from one of the other devices on your Ting account.


1. Go to and click Activate on the nav bar.



2. Click Sign in instead.



3. Sign into your Ting account.



4. Choose your inactive device and click select.



5. If your device takes a SIM card, the system will confirm which one you're using. Click use this SIM or activate a different SIM card.



6. Choose “Use an existing Ting number”, select the number you want to swap from the drop down and click Next Step.



7. Confirm your billing information and click Continue.



8. Check all your details one more time, read and agree to the Terms of Service and then click Continue.



9. If you've swapped your number to another CDMA device, follow the steps on this page to complete your activation and get your device working on the network. You can also find your device on the Ting device guide for activation help.

Your number is now swapped and you can start using your phone right away once activated. We'll remind you of your billing cycle, but your billing cycle will be the same as it is for all your other devices and is set by the first device you activated.

Your old phone is now inactive with no number on it and you'll be able to find it in your Device settings with an Activate link next to it. You can reactivate that phone anytime you like.

If you've swapped your phone number to a GSM SIM card, your number will now need to be transferred over to our GSM network. This will take 2-24 hours. Once your transfer completes you'll get an email from us to let you know. This email will include a link that directs you back to your final activation steps for your device.

For now, sit back and relax!


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