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Activating a CDMA Ting Device with a New Number


Last updated by Christian Robinette

Now that the new or refurbished device that you ordered from Ting has arrived, you probably want to get it activated as soon as you can. The following steps will show you how to activate a new (or refurbished) Ting phone with a brand new number.


1. Go to and click activate on the nav bar.



2. Click Sign in instead to proceed to log in to your Ting account.



3. Sign into your Ting account.



4. Choose your inactive device and click Select.



5. If your device takes a SIM card, the system will confirm which one you're using. Click to select your SIM card from the drop-down and select the correct ICCID for the SIM provided with the phone.



6 Choose "Activate a brand new number", confirm your service address and click Continue.



7. Verify your address and then click Yes, continue.



8. If more than one area code is available for your area, choose one from the drop-down and click Continue.



9. Confirm your billing information and click Continue.



10. Check all your details one more time, take a look at the Terms of Service and agree to them and then click Continue.



11. Follow the steps on this page to complete your activation and get your device working on the network. You can also find your device on the Ting device guide for activation help. When you've gotten your phone working and clicked on the green It worked button, your new (totally random) phone number will be displayed!

We'll also let you know when your billing cycle begins. If you've activated devices before, your billing cycle will be the same for all of them and is set by the first device you activated.


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  • Avatar
    Oleg Naikine


  • Avatar
    hunt kevin

    I did all these steps but the GS3 won't complete the hands free activation. Any advice?

  • Avatar
    Renny M

    Hi Kevin,

    I see that Jessica is helping you via a help request. Your device should be activated in no time! 

  • Avatar
    Thomas Elmore

    I keep trying to take these steps and on the screen where it says confirm and activate, it has my wife's phone number as the new number....

  • Avatar
    Renny M

    Hi Thomas,

    I'm going to open a help request for you to make sure that your account is up and running shortly. Be sure to check your inbox!

  • Avatar
    Zachary Montgomery


  • Avatar
    Paraic O

    Hi Zachary,

    For this I would recommend getting in touch with support. We'll be able to get this sorted out for you.

  • Avatar
    Gena Taylor

    Hi I have an LG and keep getting "service not active on network".  Can you tell me how to activate the service? Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Renny M

    Hi Gena,

    I see that you have sent in a help request, I will be responding to it shortly. For anybody else viewing this thread, Gena was receiving that error message when she was trying to send an MMS message. The resolution was enabling MMS messaging on her Ting account through device settings.

  • Avatar
    Martha J Groom

    Hi - I have also gone through all the steps - gotten a phone number, but it did not make a call. I may have messed up and said it was working when it was not.  But I am really stuck - no calls or texts possible.  The phone does not show the number I was issued.  I have sent in a request 17 or 18 hrs ago, but no response. I can't call in because I don't have a working phone!  I'd love to hear from someone, and perhaps this is monitored more closely?  Thanks, Martha

  • Avatar
    Ting Help

    Hi Martha!  I have just responded to your support request - please check your inbox!  Usually when the phone number is showing up incorrectly, we manually program that in.  If anyone else reading is experiencing the same issue, please call or send us an email.

  • Avatar
    Martha J Groom

    Thanks, Wendy. I am still having other issues, as you will see in our email. Thanks for getting back to me!

  • Avatar
    Alfred E. Davis

    I accidentally clicked through the page on step 10 and everytime I try to make a call it tells me the network is busy. Help?

  • Avatar
    Samantha C

    Hey there Alfred, all you need to do is activate your handset. I'll send you an email with your activation steps and if you need a hand you can let us know there. 

  • Avatar
    Allison Ascosi

    I reset my number manually, but calls are not going throught and it's saying I need to contact my network. What's the next step?

  • Avatar
    Marg C

    Hi Allison! I don't see an active account for you. If you've followed all the steps in the activation flow and are still having trouble using your phone, please let us know in a Help Request using the email you created your account under so that we can help out further! 

  • Avatar
    Matthew Pinzon

    ive done all this and ive done the other methods that involve calling the 873283 number but its not working, on the top left corner of my iphone the bars are showing suggesting that its active but everytime i make a call its says im not autherized and to contact customer service but when i restart my iphone its says waiting for activation then it tells me to contact customer support

  • Avatar
    Ting Help

    Hi Matthew!  Please give us a call or start an online chat and we can help you fix this up.

  • Avatar
    Glenn Host

    I purchased a new device from Ting and never got a message about what phone number which was assigned and device kept trying to do software updates.

    Finally after 3 or 4 reboots my wife just attempted to and was able to call our home number and get the phone number on screen but got it thru email and caller id.

  • Avatar
    Pamela Curry

    I've gone through the steps, my GS4 (non-spark) phone isn't activated. It continues to try self activate on Sprint

  • Avatar
    Isabel M


    I was going to suggest that you get in touch with our support team, but I see you gave us a call yesterday and got that resolved. Good stuff!

  • Avatar
    Dima Clarke

    it says Ting is not available at my house. On the map on the website says there's coverage and the phone, even though its not connected, has 5 bars. why can't i sing up for it?


  • Avatar
    Vlad Cabrilo

    thanks for the article and comments they were helpful

  • Avatar
    Dennis Maeder

    I have a Netgear 341U modem which was being ported from who no longer support data-only plans. The Ting side went OK, but the modem failed to connect. The Fix I used was to reset the modem to factory setup and start over. This required plugging in the USB modem, opening the manager in a browser (, supplying the default admin password (password) and navigating through settings to the factory reset. This requires a MSL# supplied by Ting and a patient wait while it sorted itself out. Boom! Online.

    All drivers were pre-installed and up to date and known to be working. An obvious issue was that the old and new numbers were different and needed to be identical.

    Edited by Dennis Maeder