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Activating your Kyocera 2255


Last updated by Isabel M

The Kyocera 2255 is an old feature phone released in 2002. It will require special instructions to activate on Ting. To complete these steps, you'll need the MSL and MSID for your device; you can find these by clicking on this phone under the Device Settings Tab in your Ting account. This information will be listed on the bottom, left hand side of the page under the picture of your phone.


Activation instructions for the Kyocera 2255:

  1. Enter 1 1 1 1 1 1 (six times)
  2. Press 'OK' on OPTIONS
  3. Scroll to PROGRAMMING, press OK
  4. Enter your MSL code
  5. Scroll to BASIC NAM 1 info, press OK
  6. Scroll to PHONE NUMBER, press OK
  7. Delete the current number, using CLR key
  8. Enter your phone number
  9. Press the CLR key to return to the 'Service Options' menu
  10. Scroll to Extra NAM1 info, press OK
  11. Scroll down and select NMSID
  12. Delete the current number, using CLR key
  13. Enter MSID
  14. Press OK
  15. Press the red END key

The phone will reboot on its own. Upon activation, it will contact the Ting network.

If your phone still won't activate, get in touch so we can help you out.

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